Newborn Baby Care – Important Tips for Parents

Do’s and Don’ts for Newborn Baby Care:

At least once every day, I see new parents getting overwhelmed. As if the new parent and the baby have no idea what they’re doing, how they’re supposed to get things done, or how to communicate with each other. This is a huge problem because it’s actually one of the first things a new parent has to learn how to do. And it can be challenging to stay focused on everything else when you’re trying to handle the demands of your newborn baby.

And, you’ll discover how to put these tools to work immediately so you can start enjoying your new bundle of joy… immediately! As a parent, it can be hard to know what to do first when your little one arrives. But having the right tools in hand will make things much easier. That’s why I have written this book. I want to help you with every aspect of caring for your new baby… from the moment he is born, until… the day he starts school. I believe the most important job a new parent has… is to give his child a good start in life. And the best way to do that… is to give him a happy and healthy childhood. So, let’s get started on the first major step… taking care of your newborn! Let’s get practical right away. The first thing you need to know is… The First Thing You Need To Know Is… Your Baby Needs A Warm Bedroom!

How to care for your newborn baby without wasting time, money or energy!

Guidance to Take Care of Newborn Baby:

how to care the newborn babyNewborn babies obviously require almost constant attention. But they don’t just “require” your attention. They “demand” it! And, if you don’t provide it, they will suffer. Think about how you feel when you have a cold. You feel miserable, don’t you? Well, that’s how your baby will feel when he has a cold. Constant exposure to the elements… plus… not getting enough rest and nutrition… will take its toll on him. And that means… he won’t be able to fight off infections as easily… which… in turn… means… he will be more susceptible to illnesses… which… in turn… will make him miserable (just like you when you have a cold)… and… may even lead to his death. A cold does not necessarily cause a baby to die. But without proper care, an illness such as the flu or common cold can easily become life-threatening for your baby.

1. Feeding:

It’s very important to feed your newborn as often as he needs to be fed. Newborns need to eat about 10-12 times every 24 hours. That means you should be feeding him at least once every 2-3 hours during the day… and… at least once every hour at night. If possible, you should be expressing milk (breastfeeding) for him. This will give him the best possible start in life. It will also help to prevent any problems with allergies and other health issues later in life.  Cleanliness Your newborn will be extremely vulnerable to germs and other infections for the first few months of his life. That’s why it is so important to keep him clean. Wipe him down with a warm damp washcloth after he has been exposed to the elements.

2. Burping:

how to care the newborn babyThis is a natural process that helps to clear out the digestive tract and gets rid of the “reflux” feeling caused by the stomach being compressed for a long period of time. The best way to do this is to put one hand on the lower part of the baby’s abdomen and the other hand on the top of the baby’s head. Give a quick, gentle push downward with your abdominal hand… and then… immediately push upward with your head hand. Do this 5-10 times in a row. You should feel the refluxing stop after a few minutes. If not, do it again. This process is very important and should be done repeatedly until the reflux does stop. Dry Skin Your newborn will always have some type of skin irritation because of all the fluid in his body. This is perfectly normal. It is a good thing. It helps to keep him clean. However, if it gets to be too much for his skin, it can cause a problem.

3. How to Hold Your Newborn:

It is very important to hold your baby as often as possible. Hold him upright against your body with his back against your abdomen and his head resting comfortably in your armpit or on your chest. This is the side-lying position. If he is fussy, just hold him closer to you. Never shake him or bounce him up and down. This can cause sudden jerking movements that are very uncomfortable for him and can even be dangerous. 4. How to Walk with Your Newborn The first thing you should do is lay your newborn down on his stomach. Have a partner hold his ankles and wrists. Then, lower his body slowly until his knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Next, let go of his ankles and allow his knees to straighten out. Give him a moment or two to get used to this position. Then, walk slowly and steadily with him for about 20 steps. Stop and repeat. Do this 5-6 times.

4. Umbilical Cord Stump Care:

the first time parentAn important aspect of newborn baby care is looking after the umbilical cord stump. It should be cleaned and dressed every day. You can use a piece of cotton gauze or a clean piece of cloth. Tie a knot in the end and secure it to your diaper. This will keep the stump clean and dry. Never pull on it. This can cause bleeding and infection. If you notice your baby has a fever or is not feeding well, check to see if the cord stump is bothering him. If it is, remove it and dress it with a clean, dry cloth. 5. How to Bathe Your Newborn Use only lukewarm water. Do not use soap. Babies have a natural resistance to bacteria and dirty things such as soap. However, they are not resistant to water. Therefore, using water alone will help to keep your baby clean. Also, do not use a blow-dryer on his body. This can cause his hair to become brittle and break off. Also, do not put anything other than water on his body.

5. Diapering:

Changing diapers is also important because

1. it helps to keep your baby clean. There are many different kinds of diapers available. You should use the kind that is most convenient for you. You can buy them by case or by individual packet. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is easy and convenient for you.

2. Sucking On Something Suck something like a binkie (a rubber band around your finger) or a pacifier between feedings. This helps to keep your baby’s tummy full and prevents him from becoming hungry and crying. It also gives him a chance to practice his oral skills.

3. Burping Your Newborn Whenever your baby burps, he is not getting rid of the gases that have accumulated in his stomach. These gases cause colic in some babies. To help your baby, try the following:

4. Give him a few minutes to relax after feeding.

5. If he seems tired, give him a short nap.

6. Change his position.

6. Bathing:

Bathing a newborn is easy. All you need is warm water and a soft, clean towel. The warm water helps to open up his pores and allows the warm air from the towel to dry him. Do this for about a minute and then remove the towel and gently pat him dry with a soft, clean towel. You can use a washcloth if necessary.

7. Massaging:

the first time parents tipsBabies love to be massaged

1.. Hold his ankles and rub his feet. Rub his back and shoulders. Stroke his tummy and arms. He will quickly fall asleep while you are doing this. It is very relaxing for both of you.

2. Crying Newborns cry a lot. This is a good thing. It shows they are healthy and alert. Don’t worry about it. Just keep talking to them, singing to them, and rubbing their backs. This will help them to calm down. If they still seem fussy, try the following:

3. Change their position.

4. Give them a feed.

5. If they still seem fussy, burp them.

6. Waking Him Up Every Two Hours If your baby is less than one week old, he should be woken up every two hours. This gives his body a chance to “re-settle” itself.

8. Handling Your Newborn:

There are several things to keep

1. in mind when you are handling your newborn:

2. Be gentle. Babies are naturally fragile and much of their daily energy is spent just staying alive. Do not scold or discipline your baby in front of other people or pets. This will cause him to become afraid of everyone and everything and will interfere with his ability to learn how to trust and relate to others. Also, do not spank your baby. This will leave a red mark that will last a lifetime. Instead, if necessary, gently place your hand on your baby’s bottom and give him a “gentle reminder” that he is being naughty. He will soon learn that naughtiness will not be tolerated and he will quickly stop doing it.

3. Babies do not “suck it up.

9. Sleeping:

It’s important to provide

1. your baby with a lot of restful sleep. However, you should not force your baby to sleep when he is not ready. Instead, he should fall asleep on his own schedule. The way you handle this is by simply ignoring your baby when he starts crying. Don’t go running to him. Don’t pick him up. Don’t rock him. Don’t talk to him. Just continue what you were doing before he started crying and, soon, he will fall asleep on his own. If this doesn’t work, try the following:

2. Feed Him If your baby is less than one week old, he should be fed every two hours. This gives his body a chance to “re-settle” itself.

10. Trimming Nails:

It is very important that you teach your baby to trust and rely on you. One of the best ways to do this is by letting him watch you as you do things like trim your nails, wash your face, or brush your teeth. By allowing him to see you in a non-threatening environment, he will learn that you are dependable and that you are there for him when he needs you.

baby careDon’t expect your newborn to sleep through the night. They probably won’t for a while. Instead, let them sleep on their tummy. It’s best for them. When they start to crawl and walk, try to put them in a crib or a pack and play.

So now that you’ve had your baby for a while, you’ve learned a lot about yourself and your new family. Now it’s time to put all that knowledge to use. Use this course to help you stay centered, calm and loving as you take care of your newborn baby.

The information you find here can help you avoid the biggest mistakes when you’re caring for your baby. And if you find you need additional help, please feel free to contact your local hospital or your doctor.

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