The First Time Parents Tips- Ultimate Guide

The First Time Parents Blog gives you a place where you can find practical advice on what it’s like to be a new parent, and tips on how to prepare for the journey ahead. The site covers topics from pregnancy through to baby’s first birthday. You will also find plenty of advice from experienced parents and experts on how to get the most out of parenthood.

Not letting your infant cry it out:

the first time parentHarmony Breckinridge is the author of Don’t Let the Babies Cry: What You Really Need to Know About Safe Sleep and Your Baby’s Early Days. She is a certified lactation consultant who now works as a nurse in women’s health in a neonatal intensive care unit.  Breckinridge is a mother of three boys who have all been different at various stages. She uses the book to highlight what parents can do to make sure that their baby is sleeping safely. And, as a mother to three boys, Breckinridge says she understands that some babies may cry more than others. But children can’t cry it out,” she says, pointing out that even if parents think it is the best way to get a baby to sleep, in reality, they are setting their child up for a lifelong sleep disturbance.

Adjusting to Parenthood:

new born baby careAdjusting to Parenthood is a blog for new parents who wish to learn about, and adapt to, life with a newborn. Their unique style of writing will make sure you stay on top of all the latest parenting changes. They’re an excellent resource if you are experiencing pregnancy for the first time and you’re feeling lost or overwhelmed.  Some People Know Things  Some People Know Things is a blog about parenting, social issues, and all sorts of other topics. It’s an ideal blog for anyone interested in politics or finding out about new technologies.  Now What?!  Now What?! is an incredible blog written by two mothers who have the key to parenting and how to make the most of it.

What to Expect the First Year:

baby careThe Baby Sleep Site is a great resource for expecting parents and parents with young children, as they provide you with information on everything from what to expect during your pregnancy to the first year of your child’s life, including expert opinions and books. They offer useful tips and advice and help you get your baby sleeping well and helping to stop crying for long periods of time.  Toddlerhood: The First Seven Years  Toddlerhood: The First Seven Years is a comprehensive guide to parenting young children. It provides detailed advice on the best way to handle a wide range of parenting issues, from how to deal with tantrums, to discipline, talking to your child, and even dealing with breastfeed strikes.

Welcome to Toddlerhood:

new born baby tipsWelcome to Toddlerhood is a popular parenting forum run by the National Centre for Youth Mental Health. The site provides useful information for all things toddler-related. Topics covered include sleep, tantrums and toilet training, and you can find all the latest advice on a wide range of topics.  Lynda Mapes  Lynda Mapes provides practical parenting advice and tips on her parenting website. The site also hosts a community forum where parents can share stories and advice, while offering a safe place to ask questions and seek advice.  Breastfeeding and Beyond  Breastfeeding and Beyond is an extensive resource for parents looking for practical advice about breastfeeding and everything involved in it.

Kids and Technology:

new born baby careIf you’re a parent on the lookout for great kids and family-friendly websites and apps, check out this section. There are tonnes of places to get great ideas, articles, games, apps, books, nursery furniture and much more.  With so many baby toys on the market, where to start? Which ones are worth the cash, and which ones are worthless junk? This is a great place to start your search, but there’s plenty more to discover, too.  What are the best baby monitors? Do they really make a difference to your child’s sleep? As you can see there’s no shortage of valuable parenting information and tips in the kids and technology section of the Parents website.  There are lots of parenting advice sources out there, but here you will find a selection of the very best.


new parents guideAs we know, we’re now in a digital age. There are now more ways than ever to follow and connect with other parents and stay in touch. It’s also become a lot easier for parents to share, discuss, and compare advice and experiences with others. The first few months are the most challenging for any new parent, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun and exciting time too!  We don’t claim to be experts in parenting, so the advice we give you may be different from what you get from your family and friends.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about:  Parenting Styles  Childcare  Parenting Books  Special styles are not a bad thing.

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