Ultimate Newborn Baby Care guide for new parents

Here are the most important 8 tips on effective newborn baby care that new parents must know…

Did you know that 90% of newborns lose their first tooth within the first three months of life? That’s why it is so important for new parents to learn how to properly take care of their little one’s teeth. By the way, did you know that a well-cared-for baby will have 25% fewer cavities as an adult than a baby whose primary caregiver did not brush or floss the baby’s teeth?

Here are 8 effective newborn baby care tips that new parents must know!

1. Be Ready:

As a new and first-time parent, you need special precautions for a newborn baby. You need to consult the doctor and follow your doctor’s advice very carefully.

new parents guideNewborn babies are very fragile and need lots of attention and care. They are totally dependent on their parents for everything from feeding and diapering, to bathing and putting on clothes. And, believe it or not, they also need a lot of attention and care with regards to their oral health. Did you know that 90% of newborns lose their first tooth within the first three months of life? That’s why it is so important for new parents to learn how to properly take care of their little one’s teeth.

2. Eat Right During Pregnancy:

Did you know that during pregnancy, your body needs plenty of nourishment but that it needs it specifically from certain types of food? For one thing, it needs protein. Protein helps your body maintain and grow tissue. It is especially important for the growth and development of your baby. But, you should also eat plenty of foods that are high in vitamin C and B. These two vitamins are essential for the production of hormones that help your body maintain a healthy pregnancy.

The Best Nourishment For Your Baby! Breast milk is the best nourishment for your newborn. After all, it is the most natural and perfect food for your baby. It has all the proper fats, proteins, carbohydrates, electrolytes, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and more. Breastfeeding may be the single most important thing you do for your baby’s health and well-being.

3. Don’t Smoke:

new born baby careAnd Protect Your Fetus From Tobacco Smoke! Smoking during pregnancy is very bad for you and can cause many serious health problems for you and your unborn child. In fact, smoking during pregnancy is responsible for nearly one in every five infant deaths. Plus, it increases the risk of your having a low birth weight or premature baby. This means that your newborn will likely have a higher risk of health problems as an adult. Even if you only smoke a few cigarettes per day, it is still extremely dangerous to you and your baby. That’s why it is so important for all pregnant women not to smoke. 4. Wear A Bra All The Time You Are Pregnant! Wearing a bra all the time you are pregnant helps prevent your breasts from becoming saggier and larger than they should be. This means your breasts will be much less likely to fall out of your clothing and hang freely down to your belly while you are pregnant. And, this will make dressing and getting ready for work or an evening out much easier when you are near the end of your pregnancy.

4. Don’t Drink Alcohol:

Either do not drink alcohol Or At Least Limit Your Drinking To Once Or Twice Per Week! During pregnancy, even one alcoholic drink can seriously harm your baby. This is especially true if you are drinking during the first trimester of your pregnancy. Even if you only have one drink, it is still best to not drink at all during the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy.

During the second and third trimesters, you can have up to two drinks per week without harming your baby. But that’s not all. Alcohol in any amount (even one drink) increases your risk of having a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by about 50%! Alcohol also causes brain damage in the fetus which may lead to mental retardation or other problems later in life. If you are going to drink alcohol during pregnancy, limit yourself to no more than two drinks per week.

5. Breastfeed Your Baby For At Least 1-1/2 Years:

baby careBreast milk is the best food for your baby. It is free of chemicals and has all the nutrients your baby needs for healthy development. It contains all the nutrients he will need for his first year of life. If you decide not to breastfeed your baby, he will be at a much greater risk for many health problems later in life. Not only that, it has been proven that children who were breastfed as infants have a lower risk for asthma, ear infections, and many other illnesses and health problems. And, it provides your baby with antibodies that can help him fight off many infections throughout his life. When you stop breastfeeding your child, those antibodies rapidly disappear from his body. So do all the other wonderful benefits of breastfeeding. Don’t put your child at risk of having health problems just because you don’t want to nurse him any longer. Let your doctor or midwife tell you when it is time for you to wean your baby. But, don’t try to wean him too soon. Human milk is still the best food for your child until he is at least one year old. 6. Get Your Weight Down To Less Than 200 Pounds!

6. Put Your Baby To Sleep With A Cuddly Soft Blanket:

Always put your baby to sleep with a cuddly and smooth blanket because it will help her to get easy sleep. The best thing about the swaddling blanket is that it restricts the movement of your baby. Choose The Right Blanket For The Best Results The blanket should be made of breathable material.

Absolutely no cotton or wool! These materials can easily trap moisture which can lead to fungal infections. A good rule of thumb is that the blanket should have 70% polyester, 25% nylon and 5% spandex.

Don’t Give Your Baby Any Formulas Containing Iron More Than 3 Times Per Day! Don’t give your baby iron-containing formulas more than three times per day. This is because iron is a metal that can be harmful to your developing baby.

7. Don’t Give Your Baby Bottles Before He Is Two Years Old:

A lot of parents give their babies bottles before they are two years old. Some do it because they think their babies won’t take a bottle until they are two. Others do it because they think it is good for their baby to get used to the idea of having something other than breast milk or formula.

8. Bathe gently Your Newborn Everyday:

new born baby tipsNewborns have very delicate skin and it needs to be cared for properly. Most importantly, don’t use soap on him. Soap can cause his skin to become irritated. Instead, gently wash him with a soft, damp washcloth. And, if you can, avoid using a bath towel on him because it can cause him to get a yeast infection.


Newborn babies are little sponges who soak up everything around them. They learn so much in the first few months of their lives. And the way parents care for their newborns can have a lasting effect on their future. This is an important foundation for healthy child development.

A baby’s first year is the most important year of his life. And the first month is the most critical month. The first month is when your baby learns how to control his bladder and bowel. It is also when he learns to control his muscles. It is the beginning of a lifelong love affair with movement.

And this is the time when you can do the most to ensure he has the proper physical and mental stimulation to thrive. There is no more important job in the world than being a parent. And the first few months after your baby is born is the most crucial time in his or her life. These tips will help you be the best parent you can be.

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