3 Non-Laser Methods To Remove Wrinkles

We are luckier than them as we have both natural and scientific way of removing wrinkles. Every day, scientists are finding ways to battle this sign of aging by finding out what our skin is made of and how wrinkles are formed. Though laser treatments remain as one of the popular methods to remove wrinkles, these three non-laser methods are equally popular and effective:


A skin that is well moisturized from the inside will remain supple and soft for many years. Such a skin will delay the emergence of wrinkles and if some starts appearing, choosing a moisturizer that has anti-aging elements like beeswax or alpha lipoic acid or aloe Vera, is one of the best methods to remove wrinkles. Remember to use it regularly as these agents will increase the sebum level of your skin which naturally diminishes as we grow older.

Chemical Peel:

There are various levels of chemical peels that you can use. All of them are surefire methods to remove wrinkles. The basic fundamental in the levels remain the same; a chemical medium is used to slough off your epidermis? topmost layer. It will not only remove the wrinkles but also other such skin problems like hyper-pigmentation and blemishes. If you need just a mild chemical peel, you can use AHA (Alpha hydroxy acid) like lactic or glycolic acid. If your skin needs tougher methods of removing wrinkles, you may need to use trichloroacetic acid. This acid is known to remove even the most stubborn wrinkle! But usage of chemical peel should be done after consulting your doctor and by following standard procedures. Otherwise, it may cause side effects.

Facial exfoliation:

There are many materials you can use as exfoliate; both natural and artificial. No matter which you use, the job of these exfoliant is to rub away the dead skin cells that form on our face. When the skin is free of such dead cells, it can breadth easily. That in turn leads to healthier skin without wrinkles. It also improves your skin?s texture and facilitate in the production of collagen fibers. These collagen fibers are the building block of your skin; so once their production is boosted, it will help to fill in the wrinkles that have already formed and also erase fine lines that come before wrinkles. There are many options you will in this method to remove wrinkle. Choose one depending on your skin type for best result.

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