A Secret Trick for Weekend Makeup

For me it is already something habitual, I do it unconsciously, but the other day a photographer asked me why I applied blush before eye shadows and lipstick.

A convincing explanation:

It’s something I learned years ago. The blush used to be my last step until I realized that many times I overloaded the eyes and lips more, to obtain a good face.

I started applying the blush after working on the foundation and before I started on the eyeshadows.

The change was radical. With the blush I got that look of good face and many times it was not necessary to work so hard on the look.

The result is lighter and much more modern and current.

This Sunday we have a super plan, we are going to have a barbecue at home with our friends. I really want a quiet day with good food and laughter.

And of course I’m already thinking about how I’m going to dress up to look pretty and not clash with the situation.

I propose different makeup according to the trends of this fall to be spectacular whatever your plan for the weekend.

To go tapas:

Just a little mascara and a little gloss are needed to make yourself attractive.

To go to the cinema or the theater:

You need more sophisticated makeup. Ideal, a red lip is recommended to make yourself smarter.

To go to the beach or outing:

Then you need makeup that looks fresh and natural. For example, with nude makeup. If you have been planning to wear a bikini or an outfit that is more comfortable, then you can use your basic makeup without thinking much about it.

For a romantic dinner:

Go for the baby doll style and be cute and seductive.

To go for drinks:

It’s time for a smoked. The best bet, without a doubt, is the metallic tones. They are elegant and sophisticated, with a touch of glamour. You can choose among so many colors different metallic tones such as gold or silver. Of course, you can also opt for the amazing gold eyeshadow and mascara, which will give an awesome effect to your lashes.

Some FAQs:

What is the makeup trick?

The makeup trick is a method for improving the appearance of a person’s face. The technique requires foundation, contouring powder, blush, and highlighter to give a more sculpted appearance.

Using a white pencil eyeliner on your lower waterline is a beauty tip that may be utilised to make your eyes appear larger. This will enlarge and brighten the appearance of your eyes.

What is the secret trick for weekend makeup?

The secret trick for weekend makeup is to keep it simple. Use a light foundation and natural-looking eye shadow and blush. Finish with a lip gloss or balm. This will make you look polished without taking too much time.

How do I look fresh faced and natural at the same time?

There are a few techniques for appearing youthful and natural. One applies a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser along with a subtle blush. Using a natural-looking eye makeup colour, such as brown or beige, and applying it softly is another option. Additionally, you can apply neutral lip colour and avoid dark eyeliner and mascara.

Others may choose a more delicate approach to makeup application in order to obtain a natural and fresh appearance. It is also essential to consider skin type and complexion while attempting to attain a natural appearance. For instance, a person with dry skin may want to apply a light moisturiser prior to foundation application, whilst a person with oily complexion may want to avoid using too much powder.

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