Fall Makeup Latest Trends 2021

Hello friend, how are you? I hope you are super good….
I tell you that my rehabilitation is super, although if it costs me a bit of work to do the stretching and cycling exercises, but now I move more =).
I am thinking of taking a distance course in Professional Makeup.
I have taken all the ones given on Mary Kay, and they are very good, but I am thinking of taking a course to make it more professional and make you look like a Model. I insist every woman can always look really beautiful and my mission in life is to help you achieve this.
You should need to take care of your skin and beauty during fall. Health and fitness are very important to take care of in the fall.

Well these are the trends of this AUTUMN – WINTER… .. PRACTICE THEM !!!!!

Makeup trends:
Makeup Trends for this FallThis fall, the look is the protagonist. She wears very neat skin, with lighting, but without glitter; a feline look in which the dark colors combined with gold, fuchsia, or even chocolates, make the full force of the makeup be in her eyes.
Let’s not forget about the cheekbones: this fall, the peach and earth tones will be the main protagonists. And for the lips, two trends: a dark red lip for the most daring and a touch of shine in flesh tone or pale pink. You already have the keys, now use them!
Flawless skin is already a staple of any season. It’s time to ditch the tinted moisturizer and bronzing powder, to get back to your foundation. Apply it with a brush and then blend it with a sponge so as not to overload the skin.
Choose a matte base and then illuminate the face with a glitter-free illuminating powder: the skin this year has been illuminated, but matte at the same time. My favorite product to achieve this finish is Mary Kay Mineral Loose Powder, which nuances the shine and adds incredible luminosity.
The smoky eye has a thousand different versions. As a base, we use black around the eye contour -both in the upper part and in the lower part-, and then with a contrasting color we mark the bone to highlight the look.
Three tips on the colors you can use:
  1.  Choose fuchsia these days in September, as the light is still very warm.
  2.  Go gold in October to add luminosity to your look.
  3.  Use dark browns and chocolates for fall nights.
makeup 2021 trendsThe texture of the shadow can be powder or cream. Apply a touch of luminosity with a pearly white shadow (like Moonstone) in the area of ​​the tear duct and under the eyebrow. Remember: shine without glitter.
If you want to give your eyes a more dramatic touch, apply a touch of eyeliner over the shadows.
This fall, I switch to matte on the cheekbones. Matte blushes give skin a velvety appearance. The colors you should choose are, without a doubt, earth and peach, and bronze tones.
Red is still, like last season, the protagonist. Of red, very dark tones are especially worn, although be very careful: they are difficult to wear and make the lip thinner. If you like them, don’t give up on them, just apply them directly from the bar, so that the finish is lighter, and choose an intermediate shade. If you go beyond the red lip, get an earth tone or makeup tone lip gloss. If your skin is dark, it is better to use rosewood.

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