How to maintain Health with your Beauty?

Without a doubt, for each one there will be an answer … perhaps as many as human beings.

We have to contemplate and encompass the following aspects when applying health to beauty and achieving this balance. The physical aspect obviously has to be taken into account because without health we will not be able to enjoy ourselves. So when evaluating beauty treatments, the risks, adverse reactions, secondary and counterproductive effects of the practice that we are going to carry out must be analyzed.

From a psychological point of view, which is always relegated to the background when it comes to evaluations in this case, there will also be changes depending on the treatment to be carried out.

health beautySaid field, the psychological one, has great scope in the matter. If we start to examine what are the reasons that lead us to undergo certain beauty treatments, we can elucidate that a large part of the reasons are social, due to a stereotype of a “body beauty” model that is installed as a pattern or paradigm to continue without considering personal differences. This stereotype only has an objective purpose about women, and it is in some way to subject her to perfection and demand.

This television game of beauty pageants and marketing has only managed to sicken countless beautiful, natural women and propel them into a race to get the precious “object of desire” that is the body. It has caused too many people to impose self-rejection and are immersed in a state of depression, excessive self-control and pain to achieve that good of such high and crazy value. But it is not healthy to play the victim game either, since each one chooses what to stick to and decides whether he strictly complies with the canons and social dogmas or is simply a unique and strong subject himself.

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