How to paint cute eyes? and Tricks to make up small eyes

Makeup is a technique that must be acquired to highlight the features we want and show a uniform skin, so be careful with extravagances. What can we enhance in a face? The lips and the eyes, no doubt, but how to do? Let’s start step by step. Makeup is a technique that must be acquired to highlight the features we want and show an even skin, so be careful with extravagances.

How to paint cute eyes?

long and thick eyelashesIf you have small eyes, don’t worry! There is the possibility of painting small eyes to create a striking and beautiful look without having them too prominent. According to physiognomy, a science that studies the eyes as a reflection of personality, smaller eyes mean intelligence, what are you already encouraging?

Those with small eyes are more attentive to what is happening around them and establish a more creative interpretation. If you think that because they are small, only the lips can be highlighted, you are very confused.

The look should not be neglected in makeup. The eyes say a lot about a person’s personality and, for others, they are a reflection of the soul, so they have to be put on as long as we know what to accentuate, how to put on them, and what colors to use.

Paint cute little eyes on your baby to make them more friendly and endearing. It doesn’t matter if your little ones are toddlers or infants, every baby needs a little bit of cuteness poured into their life. By creating little eye makeup and brushes, you can give each child a unique look that will last a lifetime. I’ve shared the easiest way to do this step by step, so you can get started right away.

There are several ways to paint tiny, expressive eyes. If you’re fond of Space Invaders, you can always use colored dots or lines to draw your characters. If you prefer detail work, try using multicolored pastels, pastels of different sizes, or shading with silver paint. The choice is entirely up to you!

Tricks to make up small eyes:

How to paint cute eyesFirstly, do not use eyeliner on the upper eyelid, apply it in any case on the lower eyelid and white. Also, use mascara in targeted areas and do not abuse it. Using dark shadows would reduce the size of the eyes, better to use light and shiny shadows. Finally, curl the eyelashes, a touch that will give more volume to the eye contour. On the other hand, while still being important, it is convenient to keep the eyebrows well plucked depending on the features of each person, so you can get more out of the eye.

In Routine:

Use a beige shadow that covers the entire eyelid and gives the eye stability. Shade with earth tones from the arch of the eyelid to the brow. Outline it with white color, curl the eyelashes, and add mascara that enhances the entire contour.

And voila, putting on cosmetics has never been so natural.

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