CRM, Applicable Strategy From the Contact Center

Hardware and software tools for contact centers, which revolutionize CRM and customer management.

If you require an IP contact center with CRM applications that integrate hardware, software, strategy, and new ICTs for customer management, there are lots of solutions available.

The individualized management of long-term productive relationships with each of the clients of an organization, better known as CRM, is today a reality of easy application if there is an interactive contact center and a defined strategic plan to do so. For a long time, the dream of every company has been to personalize the relationship with its clients and, based on this, achieve their loyalty, permanence, and profitability.

customer complaintEveryone knows what the town grocer did some years ago: He saw a customer pass in front of his store and immediately recognized him, called him by his name, and invited him to dialogue with him. Right away he handed her the new brand x blades while saying: “Don Francisco, I had these blades ready for you that promise smoothness and avoid cuts on his face. You who suffer so much with shaving !! … I left you two packages for you to try …. I put them on your account …. Have a happy day and greetings to Mrs. Maria. “

This seemingly simple spontaneous operation involves all the elements of a modern CRM:

a) IDENTIFY the customer, which implies not only knowing them but also recognizing them. Know from his name and that of his relatives, his place of residence, and his creditworthiness, to his specific needs in this case regarding shaving, his tastes, desires, expectations, and obviously his potentialities. This shopkeeper simultaneously handled the supplier skillfully, without stopping, since he knew beforehand which of his clients would need the aforementioned blades.

b) DIFFERENTIATE its clients by their personal characteristics, needs, desires, tastes, preferences, AND POTENTIALITY. In fact, the shopkeeper’s reflection is: “Don Francisco has not passed through here today; If I don’t see him in the afternoon, I’ll call him and send him the blades ”. The differentiation allows him to discern between Don Francisco and his wife, María de him, despite being for him a single account. In addition, the mere fact of remembering or mentioning something “familiar” to the customer is a form of loyalty.

c) INTERACT, with your customers, but intelligently, as can be seen from this simple example.

This is different from the typical promotional action of niche marketing, where the marketer is likely to lunge, order posters and shelf-talkers, and wait patiently for customers to demand the blades.

d) CUSTOMIZE, the individualized offer one by one, based on the three previous elements.

Now, doing what the village grocer did was relatively easy, because he managed a small circle of customers and because his brain was sufficient for the efficient administration of these elements. But the modern business has thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of customers. They do hundreds of operations per year. They have different needs, tastes, preferences, behaviors, expectations, and potentialities with each other. Management is complex and difficult. For this reason, the best alternative for many years was niche marketing, which took away the weight of individualization, from one to one. It was easy and it still is today, classifying customers by segment: “My product or service is aimed at men and women between 15 and 60 years of age, located in all urban centers of the country.” Fixed the problem. Let us offer all of them the same and treat them equally. If some are dissatisfied or leave, what can we do? Maybe I don’t even know who the ones are leaving or why they do so.

Technology has killed mass, niche, and segment marketing according to Don E Schultz, a famous marketing writer, and professor. The market is dead but we refuse to bury it because we know how to do that. Mass marketing continues and continues. The differences will be marked by the individualization of the relationship with customers. The individual is what today’s “niche” is. Thanks to new information technologies, relationship marketing strategies can now be applied to every large or medium-sized company, even a small one, efficiently and intelligently managing customer databases from a contact system. There is an interactive component to this. A modern Contact Center is what that is. If the client does not have a call center, they will be exposed to a generalized treatment. The relationship will be impersonal, except in the exceptional case that the officer on duty identifies, knows, recognizes, differentiates, and interacts.

A contact center doesn’t have to be a large department with hundreds of booths, or expensive outsourcing. In fact, if your database is small, it will be enough with the exclusive dedication of a single person, supported by an integrated computer and telephone, and possibly with a simple excel sheet. The important thing, in this case, is the strategy. Before technology strategy. Now that if your database is several hundred or thousands of records and customers, in turn, have different options and make several transactions in relatively short periods, it must rely on the multiple tools that modern Call and Contact centers offer today in the day.

Applying CRM and one-to-one marketing strategies is an obligation for every company that wants to survive in today’s competitive market. Customers are increasingly demanding and want to be served in a timely, agile, personalized, and intelligent manner. Perhaps this is why the contact center industry has developed so rapidly. 72% of American companies use the system either internally or via outsourcing. In the United States, 11 million people, equivalent to 6.1% of the economically active population, work in call and contact center systems.

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