How to Register with the US Patent and Trademark Office

Many things are invented every day. People use other ideas to create structure for their inventions or to try to create something completely new. Inventions are the product of our minds, and we should be able to profit from creating something that is useful and new. But, as in all fields, some will try to commit fraud by taking what belongs to others, in other words, stealing someone else’s intellectual property.

Due to scams, like the one described above, inventors lose a lot of money and their efforts are totally useless, so this is why some kind of protection would be useful. There are new laws regarding the copying and distribution of intellectual property that can protect people’s innovations. The law protects your designs and patents from being stolen or used without permission, but first you will need to learn more about this process.

Protect Your Innovation – Register with the USPTO

The institution that handles the protection of intellectual property is known as the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Acting as a subdivision of the US government, this institution will ensure that your intellectual property is verified and protected. So if you need to patent something, you can do it with the help of the USPTO. The downside to the whole process is that it is time consuming and a bit complicated for a newbie. But if you really want to patent something easier, you should find a lawyer who is interested in such matters; There are many attorneys who specialize in laws regarding intellectual property.

protect your innovationYou will receive a lot of help from a specialized attorney during the process. Also, they will make sure that you fully understand the process and are ready to participate. The attorney should assist you during every step, making sure everything is okay. But what you have to do, to begin the process, is to show the blueprints and a prototype of your innovation to the lawyer, to show him that you are the inventor.

You will have to sign some documents prepared by your attorney in order to apply to the USPTO. When your invention meets all the criteria proposed by the USPTO, it is ready to be analyzed by the USPTO staff. The inspection is to ensure that your invention is ready to be patented. If it hasn’t been invented yet, it will be approved and you can proceed to the next step.

Demonstrating how your invention works and its use is another part of the process, the USPTO will also do some scientific testing to see if the invention is in accordance with its categories and requirements. After this, the administered patent examination is given. This examination is to ensure that your invention complies with all USPTO regulations and is known as the United States Patent and Registration Examination.

Some people will choose to be alone during the process. If you do not want to hire an attorney, you first need to make sure that you understand the entire process and can represent yourself. Doing everything just means you file a patent for yourself. People who have no idea about the USPTO shouldn’t try this, because it tends to get complicated and they get overwhelmed at some point.

Being mentally prepared is not enough because registering also means that you will use a lot of money. Especially in the attorney’s fees, which will cost you more than $ 20,000. So you have to think before taking this step, or you could waste a lot of money and time. Also, having knowledge of the patent system will help you a lot, so make sure you understand everything that is involved with the process.

These are the main things that anyone who wants to patent their innovations should know. Before you decide to start the whole process, ask a specialized attorney to clarify everything and explain the advantages and disadvantages that are included.

Start this long and hard process only if you are sure that your invention will succeed, otherwise you risk wasting a lot of time and money on something that does not bring you profit.

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