News of the Real Estate Sector in Santa Cruz – Bolivia

However, these elements cannot make us ignore the current lack of liquidity in the national economy and the recent socio-political uncertainty that still persists. Such a situation can be somewhat alleviated by companies in the field and related, offering better conditions and a much more efficient and faster service. New technologies, as it is being verified in the United States, are an extremely effective instrument to stimulate economic processes.

One of the essential elements that a real estate agency has is information, both on supply and demand. The more extensive the information and the easier it is for the applicant to locate the property he is looking for, the greater the chances of success in the transactions.

In this sense, for a couple of years, some real estate companies have taken advantage of the rebound and wide scope of the television media, implemented specialized programs to provide information and promote the different real estate operations and to mediate between the applicants and sellers of goods. estate. The result of these programs has resulted in the creation of at least one of them in each of the local television companies.

However, a tool that has not yet been used and exploited by real estate companies to access a potential customer market is the Internet.

real estate market boliviaSpecialized television programs will not be enough to face the crisis and the great competition from construction companies, real estate marketers and real estate companies. This situation will force all this group of real estate marketing agents to use new, more effective resources for sale, finding a medium with great potential on the Internet.

Companies in Bolivia are slowly becoming aware of the importance of the presence of their companies on the Internet. In the case of real estate companies in particular, there are more than enough fingers to name those that have a Web page and a large number of them still do not even use email.

One cannot miss the fact that in Bolivia, and specifically in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, there is already a sufficient critical mass of users to enable effective use of the Internet. Due to the cultural and socioeconomic level that defines Internet users in this city, they are especially consistent with the target audience that agencies seek for the development of their commercial activities. The Internet tool is almost perfectly suited to the activities of real estate agencies. On the one hand, it enables the orderly and segmented reception of offers, on the other hand it perfects all the information received and makes it known immediately and exhaustively.

The image offered by the real estate company through the Web is a determining element when it comes to distinguishing itself from its competition.

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