Role and Responsibilities of The best Salesman

Customers don’t buy products and services, and sellers don’t sell products and services. Customers buy solutions to problems that they may feel emotionally. Salespeople are the conduit that helps customers discover those emotional solutions.

People buy from people. Customers generally do business with people they like and trust. Your clients don’t leave your agency telling you that they chose you because you are an asshole. Customers can buy vehicles anywhere. Most of you are not selling rare stuff. Therefore, the customer’s decision criterion is based on money, the self, and the machine (product/service). However, you are the secret ingredient. You have the power to influence the customer’s perception of you, the machine, and the money.

A customer will move through three stages in the sales process – Character / Trust, Emotion, and Logic. People have to love and trust you, then they allow you to guide them to emotions that eventually combine with logic. Emotion distorts reality. That’s why the common customer buys and then tells you they weren’t planning to buy today.

Salesman Roles and Responsibilities:

The roles and responsibilities of sales are changing at an unprecedented pace. The speed with which the market is moving has resulted in a need to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics, customer needs, and new technology. The role of sales has evolved from selling products to selling solutions. Sales have become more about the ability to identify the need for a solution.

Manage all aspects of the sales process Manage and monitor all aspects of the sales process, and ensure that all members of the sales team and external channels work together effectively to achieve targets and create an exceptional customer experience Manage and monitor all aspects of the sales process

the best salesmanThe sales profession has changed, and its role in client relationship management (CRM) has changed. A new model is needed to address the new demands on today’s salesperson—to manage client relationships at all levels of an organization.

The main reason people buy is and always will be trusted. The confidence they feel in the money, the self, and the machine that you give them. Therefore the most powerful decision you can make as a seller is to take full responsibility for every sale made or lost.

Once you take full responsibility for winning and losing and eliminate the easily accepted notion that price is all about, you become an incredibly powerful winning seller. If you allow an excuse to enter for having lost your subconscious, it opens the door for a million excuses. Weak salespeople raise skinny children. Eliminate all the excuses like price and watch your sales increase.

If price is the issue, what can you do to influence the price or the decision? Practice the apples to oranges sales model. If everyone else is showing the customer apples, show him better apples and show him oranges, too. Always think EG – Expect Profit. What is the client trying to achieve and how can I apply it to their sense of EG?

How will the first stage of the customer encounter stand out and influence the customer? Most customers decide to buy from you in 15 seconds to 2 minutes. The decision they make about you is made long before the decision about the price. If you’re in retail, try this greeting: “Hey folks, are you starting to look around and see what to buy?” What are they going to say, “No, we’re just looking and buying”? Be proactive. Remove the objection from the beginning and make the customer feel comfortable doing it. Nobody is greeting the customer in this way.

Most sellers operate the same way. If you do this you eventually become a homogeneous and generic marketer. What follows are poor results, many price finders, low sales, low income, and eventually many excuses. Never forget that everything you do makes a difference.

flood insuranceBefore a customer leaves, are you and your manager “walking the wheel”? “Walking the wheel” is a phrase I use to remind us to explore all avenues. A bigger choice, a smaller one, a different product or service, new to used, used to new, demonstrator model, longer-term, money back, late payment, finish paying fees on your current product, redeem another product, etc. How much do you fight for each sale? Persistent = consistent.

Being a winner with sales is simply a choice. You can choose to win or you can choose to lose. Once you choose, you become the salesperson that you have decided to be at that moment.

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