How Much Do Fashion Models Get Paid?

Fast-fashion stores like Zara and Forever 21 have made it easier than ever for customers to purchase the newest clothing trends at a low price, thanks to the emergence of innovative marketing and sales techniques.

In order to compete with these chains while simultaneously appealing to affluent customers, many high-end fashion firms have substituted professional photographers for models in their commercials.

As a result, supermodels such as Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne can be seen in advertising for Valentino, Tom Ford, and Armani. Unfortunately, this has a number of disadvantages.

Since fast-fashion firms do not require models in their advertisements to sell inexpensive clothing, they can pay their models significantly less than luxury brands. As a result, many fashion models struggle to make a living as professionals.

In reality, the majority of entry-level fashion models earn between $20 and $50 per hour. Here are further details regarding how much fashion models earn every shoot:

What Does a Fashion Model Make?

First, let’s talk about how fashion models earn money. The booking fee accounts for the bulk of a fashion model’s earnings. This is the fee charged by an agency to a brand for the usage of a model.

The booking fee is the sum paid to the agency by the model for her time. Booking fees vary, but model remuneration is often decided by her experience and the sort of project she takes on. Models are paid a portion of their profits.

This is the proportion of a brand’s total income earned by images. When it comes to high-end models, the proportion might be significantly greater. Models are paid a portion of their profits.

This is the proportion of a brand’s total income earned by images. When it comes to high-end models, the proportion might be significantly greater.

How Much Do Runway Models Get Paid?

Runway models earn among of the lowest earnings of any model type. This is due to the fact that they are essentially just going down the runway dressed up. They are not accepting any significant creative or marketing projects.

As a result, runway models earn $20 to $50 per hour, or $800 to $1,500 for a full day’s labour. Runway models might earn more money if they can bargain with the brand and agency.

They can demand a higher salary because they are not responsible for any creative aspects of the shoot.

How Much Do Swimsuit Models Get Paid?

Swimsuit models make a bit more than runway models but not by much. They make about $50 to $200 an hour for shoots. A model who makes the minimum wage for a 10-hour shoot will make around $500 for the day.

Models can potentially make more money if the shoot is for a high-end brand. In that case, the agency might be willing to negotiate a higher rate.

How Much Do Print Shoot Models Get Paid?

Print shoot models get paid a standard rate that is significantly lower than the rate for other types of modeling. They make around $20 to $50 an hour, which can make their total pay as low as $200 a day even if they work for 10 hours straight.

Again, potential earnings can be higher if the shoot is for a high-end brand.

How Much Do High-End Fashion Models Get Paid?

High-end fashion models can earn a significant amount of money. During shoots, they frequently earn $1,000 or more per hour. If they are well-known supermodels, they could potentially earn considerably more.

Additionally, premium models have the potential to earn more money because to their higher earnings percentage.

If a company earns a significant amount of money from a photo shoot featuring a high-end model, the model can receive a significant amount of money through the earnings percentage. In many instances, a model’s percentage rate can be higher than her hourly pay.


Fashion Models generate income from a variety of sources. They can receive a booking fee from an agency for every shoot on which they participate.

A high-end model may also earn a share of the overall sales from a photoshoot. Models might improve their total compensation by charging more for their services.

They can also earn extra money by collaborating with firms that sell luxury goods.

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