How to fix sunglasses frame – detail information

A broken pair of glasses is an annoying thing. Everywhere you go, everyone sees you and stares at you. It makes you feel embarrassed and grumpy. Surely there must be a way to fix broken glasses? As it turns out, there is an easy and simple way to fix broken glass frames.

Find your spare parts

The frame of your glasses is probably going to be the most important part of your glasses. The frame is the part which holds your lenses in place. If the frame is broken, the lenses will slide around. The lenses are the part where you see your sight. Luckily, lenses are not expensive. They make frames. This is a good thing. If your frame is broken, you should be able to repair your glasses by just getting a new frame.

Find a replacement frame:

Now that you may have your frame, you need to find a good one. Surprisingly, there are many places online from which you can get a replacement frame for broken glasses. The internet is a wonderful thing as it allows you to find a place that stocks frames online. This way, you don’t waste any time, and you don’t even have to leave your home. The great thing about online glass stores is that they do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is search and find the frame you want.

The good part is that the online shop also does all the hard work for you. The site gives you a bit of information about the frame you select. This information will tell you where to source the replacement frame and how to polish your lenses. All you have to do now is to find a spare pair of glasses for your glass frame.

Polish your lens:

Lenses come in a variety of sizes. Basically, bigger lenses mean better vision. Some lenses require a special insurance policy when replacing them. They are custom-made. Just like your frame, lenses also come in different sizes. To find the right size replacement lens for your frame, you have to measure your lenses. This can be tricky due to the fiddly nature of glasses. What I recommend you do is keep the frame, lenses and backs of your glasses. Having a copy of your prescription and your frame will make your life a lot easier.

Step back again:

With the frame, lenses and back in place, you can now find the spare pair of glasses you need. Keep the parts you have and also, from your frames, you must take stickers. The stickers are little holders that are fixed to the back of your frames. They help to keep the lenses in place on the frames.

Clean up:

Now, with all the parts in place, it is time to reassemble your broken glasses. First, take the lenses off the frame and leave them in a wet towel for a few minutes. They’ll slide on and off easier than you can put them back on the frame. Next, put the lenses into the frame. Screw the frames back together. Now, put the frame together. With a pair of glasses, it is easier to put the frame together than without frames.

Take the frames outside. This is for a final polish. Use a cloth or clean towel to polish the frames to make them shiny and new. When you put the glasses on, there won’t be any marks on the lenses.

Now, you can sit back and enjoy seeing the sights with your new fancy glasses again.

Now I know it is a bit silly, but above, I posted a photo of my sunglasses frame. I was informed that the frame was loose, so I thought it might be a good idea to show how to fix it. Here is what I suggest.

First, you need to clean your sunglasses. The more you use plastic sunglasses, the more bacteria and dirt will collect along the edge. The easiest way to clean these glasses is to put them in a bowl of water with a few drops of liquid soap. Use a washing brush and gently scrub down the lenses. Rinse and allow them to dry naturally or place them on a towel to dry.

Now, if done properly, peeling off the protector should not damage your lenses. However, it is possible to go through it a bit and ruin your lenses. Make sure you are very careful when doing this.

Wait for the frame to dry completely.

Next, you need to peel your old frame away, and you should be left with clear lenses.

Measure and mark three holes with your pin. The lenses should be centered.

Place the frame on one side of the lenses.

Put the frame over the lenses and make sure the lenses are over the frame holes.

Now take the frame down and gently stick the frame to the lens. Gently twist if necessary, but do not overdo it.

Voila it is done!

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