The Diamond as a luxury and investment


Much has been said about investing in diamonds, and in turn there is discussion about the validity of this mineral as an investment. It is logical that this question arises for those who, having the need to sell it, cannot find a buyer who will pay them what they paid in their day. Therefore it would be good to raise the reason for this controversy.

Diamonds are a scarce good, and as the years go by they will be even more scarce, this is an empirical data since the latest estimates on the possibilities of new diamond mining operations of the large producers determine this. The new deposits are becoming more expensive to exploit and every day the increasing scarcity of these is demonstrated.

The qualities of diamonds are known to all. Its hardness index is maximum (10 out of 10); There is no other mineral that has this property, the diamond is eternal and is a perfect gem for jewelry. Once carved, its shine is eternal and combines perfectly with gold and platinum. In short, diamonds have qualities that no other mineral possesses, this makes it the king of gems.

Diamonds were “socialized” from the end of the 19th century with the exploitation of mines in South Africa. Previously, all the mines that had been discovered were open pit in the river basins. These diamonds were called “boulder-shaped diamonds.” This was due to the erosion that the water inflicted on this gem. Previously, diamonds were a good for the exclusive use of the nobility. Therefore, and as has been said, it was from the end of the 19th century that, with the discoveries of large-production mines, their price became affordable to the middle classes.


diamond investmentIt is here where we must discern the purpose that we are going to give to the purchase of a diamond. They are two radically different concepts. If we want to INVEST IN DIAMONDS we must use a totally different source of purchase than if we buy it for another purpose. The investment diamond must be bought loose, without setting any jewel. If the purpose is to buy a jewel to wear it or give it away in a special moment (an engagement ring, a jewel …… etc.) we must think that we will have a piece of jewelery with an intrinsic value but that years will have to pass so that the price paid is similar to the price that they can potentially give us if we want to sell it. And this is logical given that the expenses of a jewelry store, plus the benefits, are logically passed on to any jewelry that is purchased in these stores. Of course, the purchase of a diamond jewel should be done with the advice of a diamond expert. Not all people who have jewelry understand diamonds.

Therefore, now we have to talk about what in our profession we define as INVESTMENT DIAMOND. This diamond has another buying / selling channel. It is the channel of the wholesalers. Diamonds have reference prices marked in the RAPAPORT (price list established for the price of different types of diamonds). In this market we work with commissions of two or three%, which is why investment in diamonds through this channel (let’s not forget that the diamond, both rough and cut, is more scarce every day) has a positive behavior in the short / medium term. But do not forget that it is a very closed world and difficult to access for individual investors. Another thing, and that I will try to clarify at another time, is the type of diamond that has to be bought so that the diamond can be easily sold later. Another issue of utmost importance is undoubtedly knowing where and when to sell them. In the same way, in the next few days I will discuss this issue on this same portal.

I think it is good that what has been said here is taken into account, it is the best way not to mislead us.

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