Tips to Choose Best perfume for wedding day bride

Did you know that brides often fail in the choice of perfume?

This is because they simply opt for one that does not suit the occasion; many others for a perfume that does not perform well for the time of the event, and mostly because they decide to wear their favorite perfume that day, and we already know that it may not be the right one.

Choose a fragrance that you like a lot, with which you feel identified and comfortable for hours. The perfume on your wedding day has to convey delicacy, sensuality, and joy, as well as soft and elegant signs.

Choose the perfume that you will use at your wedding with the care that you choose all the accessories for that day. You must take into account some tips to choose the perfume that we leave you below:

– Foremost, opt for a discreet aroma, do not overdo it, and choose a good quality perfume, so that its aroma lasts without needing many applications because, at the time of the wedding, you will be very busy with it.

– Do not choose a new perfume to use on your wedding day, choose one that you already know.

– Apply the perfume behind the earlobes, on the back of the wrists, inside the elbow area, behind the knee, and in the area between the breasts, and it will last longer if the temperature rises. Take this, especially, into account: If the wedding is on a warm summer day, the perfume will be more accentuated, so be moderate.

– Think that perfume is a weapon of seduction, and what better occasion to wear the one that your partner likes the most, or one that you have used on a date set for both of you.

– It will not hurt if you have someone carry your bottle for you, to reapply it if necessary.

– If the perfume you have chosen has a bath line, take a shower with the fragrance gel, and hydrate your skin with the moisturizer of the perfume, so that the smell lasts longer and lasts as long as possible.

If you still do not have one that you love or want to release one for this big day, take into account the following:

– If the wedding is during the day, use a citrus fragrance, which is an excellent option.

– If the wedding is at night, use a more intense and floral fragrance.

Best perfume for bride– When trying a perfume, apply it on your wrist and in the bend of the elbow. Feel how it smells on your skin. Wait at least 15 minutes (if you are in a store, you can go see other things). Smell it again, and then you can decide if you like it or not.

– Don’t buy it simply because you liked how it smelled on a friend. A perfume smells different in each person, due to the natural odors and the PH of the skin.

– If you are going to buy perfume, try not to wear any.

– Ask for opinions so that someone else perceives how the aroma smells on you.

Remember that the most important thing is that when choosing a fragrance you feel comfortable and safe because the perfume we use speaks a lot about our personality. So choose the right scent, and win everyone over with it.

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