Top 10 Ways To Wear A Trench Coat Formal Properly

The trench coat is one of the most versatile coats, so you can use it in a different way, but you need to wear it properly.

The trench coat is a great and stylish coat that you can carry with you wherever you go. The trench coat is also one of the oldest coats and has a lot of history behind it. So, if you are looking to wear a trench coat, then you are going to learn some useful tips about the same.

10 Ways To Wear A Trench Coat Properly:

1) Keep your pockets clean:

The trench coat is a casual coat, so it is important that you keep your pockets clean. Don’t keep any dirty stuff inside your pockets as it will spoil the entire look of the coat.

Your pockets should be clean at all times. If you have any junk in your pockets, then it will look bad on you. It would also be a mess to carry around stuff in your pockets. If your pocket is full of trash, it will look like you are wearing a dirty jacket. So, make sure that you have a spotless pocket to carry everything you need.

2) Use your hands to hold the trench coat:

There are some people who will hold the trench coat by using their hands instead of wearing a belt. They will place their hands in the middle of the chest. It will look odd if you put the belt through your coat, so you need to place your hands properly.

If you have to hold the trench coat by hand, put your right hand in the middle of the left sleeve and your left hand in the middle of the right sleeve. Make sure that you position your hands correctly. If you put your hands in the wrong position, you will look odd. You should place your hand so that it will hold the coat firmly. Make sure that your hands won’t cover the buttons of the coat.

3) Wear a belt:

It is an old fashion, but you can still see people wearing a belt with a trench coat. The belt should be placed above the waist, and you need to wear the belt according to the size of your coat.

A belt is very useful for holding items together. It is very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Many people wear belts while exercising to hold their clothes and other items together. You don’t need to buy a special belt. You can use your favorite belt instead of buying a new one.

4) Wear a belt with your pants:

If you are going to wear a trench coat, then you need to match the belt with your pants. You can wear a belt with the pants, but it is not a good choice to match the belt with the coat.

A belt with pants is good for men who are wearing a suit or a pair of dress pants. They should wear the same color, black, blue or gray. Also, if you are a woman and you are wearing a suit, a belt with pants is good for you. It makes your pants look more formal. However, if you are wearing jeans, then you can wear a belt with your pants. This is okay, but if you are wearing a pair of dress pants, you must match the belt with the pants. Make sure that the color is the same.

5) Don’t wear a hat:

is trench coat formalIf you are going to wear a hat, then it should be a flat cap. If you are going to wear a different type of hat, then it should be matched with the coat.

You don’t have to wear a hat all the time. You can wear one, but it should be worn only when it is raining. If you are in a cold place, then a hat is a good idea. It can protect your head from getting too hot. However, if you are in a very hot place, then it is best to not wear a hat. It can also be bad for your hair. You can wear a hat during the summertime, but it is better if it has a brim so that you don’t get too much sun.

6) Tie your coat with a tie:

Tie your trench coat with a tie. This is one of the most common mistakes that people make when they wear a trench coat.

Make sure that you use a tie and not a scarf when you are wearing a trench coat. You should wear a tie because this will make you look more formal and serious. It is important that you look nice when you go out. You want to make a good first impression. You can just go for a simple, black tie but you can also try a fancy, silk tie. A tie can really make your outfit look nice and elegant. You should look presentable when you go out.

7) Wear a suit:

If you are going to wear a trench coat, then you need to match the color of the coat with the suit.

If you want to be able to make a good impression when you are wearing a trench coat, then you need to wear a suit. The suit is usually black, dark blue, grey, or navy. You should match the color of the suit with the color of the trench coat. This can help you to look more impressive.

8) Avoid carrying a bag:

is trench coat formalYou can carry a small bag or handbag to keep your wallet and other essential items, but avoid carrying a big bag.

If you wear a trench coat, you should consider carrying a bag. The reason why you shouldn’t carry a bag is that it would limit your freedom of movement. You might feel like you are carrying around a lot of weight with the bag. In addition, you don’t know where you will be going. If you carry a bag, it can limit your freedom of movement, and you may not be able to move around. Also, people might think that you are a thug. Avoid wearing a trench coat to hold a bag.

9) Wear a watch:

Wear a watch with the trench coat, but don’t wear a watch on the left side of the wrist. You can wear a watch on the right side of the wrist, but don’t wear a watch on the middle of the arm.

Wearing a watch can be an important fashion trend. However, it isn’t always practical. A watch may get in the way. You may not be able to easily access the watch. Also, if you are carrying a bag, your watch may get lost. So, it is best to use your common sense. Only wear a watch if you really need one.

10) Avoid wearing the trench coat:

is trench coat formalHahaha funny thing. But in some circumstances it is true. If you are going to wear a trench coat, then you need to wear it to a formal event or party. The trench coat is not a casual coat, so it is better to avoid wearing it in a casual setting.

A trench coat is not meant to be worn in casual settings. Instead, it is better to wear it in a formal or a semi-formal event. It is also important to make sure that the trench coat you wear fits well. It should fit your body snugly and not allow you to breathe too easily. It should be made of leather or wool. It should also have a proper collar. If your trench coat does not have a proper collar, you can buy one.


So, these were the best tips for wearing a trench coat. I am sure you will love these tips and you will look stylish and trendy while wearing a trench coat.

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