5 Useful and Effective Ways To Fight Cravings

Eating healthy is hard… especially when you have those crazy cravings for foods that are not good for you! I’ve definitely been through that…!

So how are you supposed to lose weight when all you want to do is eat candy? Here are 5 of my best tips to fight cravings and actually lose weight and be healthy!

5 smart effective ways to fight cravings …

1. When a desire invades you, distract yourself. Go for a walk, read a book, start cleaning, you can exercise, get out of the house! Usually after a couple of minutes, the desire will go away and you will either have a cleaner home or you will have squeezed out some extra calories!

2. You must tell yourself that you are going to eat an apple. If you are starving, the apple will fill you up a bit so you don’t get carried away by your craving for something else. If you are not hungry, it is not good, and that is when you know that you should go to step 1: distraction.

3. Drink some water. A lot of times your body will tell you that it is hungry, but in reality, what happens is that you are dehydrated. Drink a glass of water and wait a couple of minutes. If you are starving, choose a healthier alternative.

4. Sleep. 7-9 hours a night is recommended for most people. I know that when you don’t get enough sleep, you start eating the next day… that is why you should have a good schedule so that you can rest a little.

5. Trade you’re craving something healthy. I prefer a healthy pizza, banana ice cream, organic truffles, and whole wheat pasta more than any other junk food I used to have before.

I know that my body does not work as well in other food and that it will give me a huge stomach ache if I choose to enjoy it. Healthier food now tastes better, and my food cravings are now healthier, like a fruit salad. Stay fit about your fitness and eat healthy food. Keep daily Yoga and exercises to stay fit.

Another way to fight cravings is to think about your health in the future, that should make you change …

Don’t worry if you haven’t got there yet. It took me a little while to get to that point. Once you are there, however, your cravings will definitely disappear, and you will want to have a salad instead of a burger!

Am I telling you that you should never eat cream pie? No way! I indulge in eating them in moderation on special occasions… the key is moderation. Remember, your body runs on foods that are healthy … do you want to run on junk or clean fuel?

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