Auditory effects of noise pollution

Include hearing loss, tinnitus, temporary or permanent loss of hearing, sustained tinnitus, ear infections, inability to hear the conversation, inability to sleep, interference with hearing, loss of sleep, inability to concentrate, depression, irregular blood pressure, headaches, migraines, psychological effects, stress. These are known to be associated with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Many people believe that music is pure. For the ancients the answers were clear, they believed that music directly affected the will, which in turn influenced the character and therefore human behavior.

Auditory pollution:

Accompanied by a large-scale increase in the number of cars on the road, the 1950s and 1960s saw a proliferation of automobiles and motorcycles. By 1959, there were 1.4 million registered vehicles in Japan; in 1960, the figure had increased to 1. 9 million, and by 1970, there were 3.9 million registered vehicles. In 1964, the government implemented the Kenpō Road Traffic Law, which took effect in 1965, and in 1968, the Comprehensive Road Traffic Law went into effect. Do you think how much auditory pollution is increasing?

Aristotle taught that “music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul” and other qualities; when one listens to music that imitates a certain passion, he is imbued with the same passion.

Music regardless of the lyrics communicates a message. Words are not necessary for music to have meaning. Some argue that music has different meanings to different people and that its effect is just a matter of a conditioned response.

Noise pollution is the excess of sound that alters the normal conditions of the environment in a certain area. Although noise does not accumulate, transfer or maintain over time like other contaminations, it can also cause great damage to people’s quality of life if it is not properly controlled.

The most common source of noise pollution is the result of human activities such as the use of machines and vehicles, construction projects, industrial facilities, and military operations. Other sources include the use of fireworks and musical instruments. In addition to its negative effects on people’s lives, noise also causes damage to the environment. This may be due to the loss of biodiversity or the destruction of habitats and ecosystems.

This pollution is closely related to noise because it occurs when noise is considered a pollutant, that is, an annoying sound that can produce harmful physiological and psychological effects for a person or group of people.

The noise emitted by a source, such as a car, causes annoyance in the people nearby. The annoyance may be due to noise or a combination of noise and vibration. Noise annoyance can be measured using different approaches, including a visual analog scale (VAS), a numerical rating scale (NRS), or a verbal rating scale (VRS).

In the field of industrial design, noise pollution is usually defined as an unwanted sound that causes annoyance or annoyance to other people (for example, the neighbors) or to the environment. Noise pollution is not only the result of an unpleasant sound but also includes other noises like those that are too high in volume or frequency.

Noise is defined as any sound classified as something annoying, undesirable, and irritating. In turn, noise pollution is defined as that generated by unwanted sound, which negatively affects the quality of life and above all, those individuals who carry out industrial activities and those who use certain vehicles quite frequently to be able to travel.

Exposure to intense noise levels leads to hearing losses, which if initially recoverable when the noise ceases, over time can become irreversible, becoming deafness. This deafness is perceptual and symmetrical, which means that it affects both ears with equal intensity.

“Music is an art that exists to be enjoyed”

There are other noise pollution sources and it is from various industries. We are talking about an industrial area that is usually very busy, with the presence of traffic, industrial machinery, industrial equipment, industrial plants, industrial warehouses, industrial plants, industrial workshops, industrial chimneys, industrial refineries, industrial plants, and so on.

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