Avoid top 10 mistakes when you buy a new car

Buying a new car is a difficult test even for experienced motorists. In relation to the constant replenishment of the major auto companies, it is difficult to really find “your” car. Choosing car is a complex process and most importantly it is not more than a thousand dollars for a car, uncomfortable while driving.

Here we suggest that you familiarize yourself with 10 most common mistakes new used car buyers make.

1. Inexplicable love to a specific one to make a car

When you are going to spend ten thousand dollars on a new car, emotions should not prevail over the situation. When a buyer is interested only in making one, he cannot make a rational choice, since he simply does not pay attention to other cars that may be better, more reliable and cheaper for him. To make a correct choice, you need to summarize all the rules and simply compare the different cars carefully.

2. Driving test is mandatory

Drive testing is one of the important points in the procedure of a choice car. Many cars look perfectly in a photo in a magazine or on the road, but only during a trip trial is it possible to see or real lacks the advantages of a certain car. It is very important to prove that it was not short. To know the car you need at least 30 minutes, otherwise the sensations may be vague.

3. Attention auction and reduce the price

To make a successful purchase, you need to learn as much about the terms of sale, discounts, etc. as possible. Many traders do not disclose any additional terms and offer meaningly.

4. Credit blind

Many sellers try to focus a buyer’s attention on a small monthly payment, not to mention the amount that he would have to pay at one time and if it is possible to extinguish the credit earlier than expected. You need to remember that, when buying a cross, a buyer always overpays.

5. “Hot” instead of offering a car

Automobile companies very often different discounts, offers and offer “favorable” conditions, but the main thing – not to forget what you want: a car or price for it. Often people buy a car because of discounts and other offers, without having learned, how many spare parts will it cost.

6. Most importantly – safety

It is necessary for the buyer to remember that the best engineers in the world are constantly working to make a safer car. Such options as ESP (Stability Course System), ABS, Safety Pillows are the best options that can and should spend your money. Do not forget also that a car is a more dangerous means of transport.

7. What options are not necessary?

Today a car has become a perennial spring of comfort and luxury. Manufacturers constantly think of new and new dodges to get their attention. Just think, if you need options like power mirrors or servo-motor seats, they need to be adjusted only once. Try to choose what is necessary for you. Do not forget also that finally all the additional options represent another form of strength than paying much more.

8. Rigid control of car used in the purchase

Everyone knows about “preselling prep” concept, but many of them don’t represent at all, how many flaws can go away behind a good paint job and good looks. In buying used car, it is first necessary to carry out a complete automobile diagnosis at a car-care center. A good mechanic will expose a bruised body, engine repair capital, and other defects in an hour.

9. Even-Steven

Many dealers suggest exchanging an old car for a new one at a surcharge. Often these offers are almost a trap, since they try to buy your car not at the market price, and after the results of the commission, which is practically for nothing. In most cases selling an old car under its own power is the most favorable variant, and then you can already move to dealers.

10. Warranty extension extends expenses

Many dealerships suggest extending a warranty on a new car at the expense of their service, so we certainly suggest that you pay more. Therefore, it is necessary to think a hundred times, if it is necessary for you to ask in a service center in order to change the pads, which are not to be carried out or a belt (of resources that is about 100 000 km) over several years. Remember, big warranty on a reliable new car is another way to get money from you.

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