Can Illegal Immigrants get Health Insurance?

Do you think illegal immigrants should be able to buy auto insurance?

The New Mexico legislature passed a law in 2003 that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses to make the public safer. States typically deny driving licenses to foreign nationals regardless of their immigrant status. Some states like California began to tighten their driver’s license requirements, and many immigrants were unable to renew their licenses, and their auto insurance was automatically canceled.

can illegal immigrants get insurance?

Some auto insurance companies see this as a new gold market. Although many states deny illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, the law does not prevent insurance agents from selling insurance to drivers and vehicle owners without a driver’s license. Big companies like Progressive are giving car insurance to drivers who are illegal immigrants.

My first reaction was anger. How can these companies reward illegal immigrants with auto insurance? But then I calmed down and started thinking like an insurance professional.

Legal arguments about immigration are not my primary concern, and they shouldn’t be yours, either. The most important thing you should consider is what would happen if you find yourself in a traffic accident with someone without a driver’s license who does not have auto insurance.

Illegal immigrant health insurance:

protect your innovationHow many times have you heard a news story about an illegal immigrant who caused an accident, and then continued on foot, abandoning his vehicle? Sometimes, they will beg the other driver to let them pay for the damages in cash, just so they won’t be caught driving without insurance or confronted by the police.

I like the fact that insurance companies are taking a pragmatic position. Illegal immigrants will drive vehicles in North America. Little will stop them. They will drive to and from work whether they have a driver’s license or not. Nothing prevents them from owning a vehicle in any state that I know of.

Can illegal immigrants get health insurance?

By serving this growing market, insurance companies are offering protection as they should. They are staying out of the political fray, and correctly marking their position in the free market. Of course, this illegal immigrant market is high-risk insurance, so companies are charging high-risk fees for policies. But it is the same as charging higher rates to those American citizens who have had a violation for drunk driving. Risky behavior gives you higher fees.

But insurance companies are finding the illegal driver segment very profitable. Companies experience good “hold”, which means that policies are renewed regularly. Just as important as this is the fact that illegal immigrants almost never report small accidents to reduce their chances of brushing against the law. Companies like Progressive, Farmers Group, Bristol West, Infinity P&C, and Alliance United are putting a lot of effort into expanding this part of their businesses.

So in this case, I think the insurance companies are doing the right thing. The more illegal immigrants have auto insurance, the more financially protected we’ll all be.

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