Cheap Auto Insurance in the city of Los Angeles in California

Cheap auto insurance is readily available in Los Angeles, as in other counties, and close by for several other California counties. Los Angeles is currently listed as one of several counties covered under the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program (CLCA).

California, like all states, requires a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. The CLCA is designed to provide low-income individuals in California with a way to obtain affordable auto insurance. This helps drivers to operate their vehicles legally, and to have protection for themselves, their vehicles, and anyone else involved in any accidents that may occur.

Los Angeles Affordable Auto Insurance with CLCA today costs $ 350.00 per year. Optional coverages include uninsured motorist coverage for an additional $ 67 per year, and medical payment coverage for another $ 37 per year. (One exception to rates: unmarried male drivers, age 24 and under, have a 25 percent surcharge.) Rates like this make up some of the cheapest California insurance policies!

Sounds like a great deal, right? Find out if you qualify. Los Angeles affordable auto insurance through the CLCA is available to those individuals who meet the following criteria:

• You are 19 years of age or older

• You have a vehicle whose value is less than $ 20,000

• Meets low-income requirements depending on the number of people in your household

• You have had a valid driver’s license for three years prior to applying for the CLCA.

• Have no or no more than one at-fault property damage accident, or one point or less for a moving violation in the past three years prior to applying for the CLCA.

Affordable and cheap Los Angeles auto insurance is at your fingertips. If you are a low-income individual and need help obtaining affordable California auto insurance, simply contact the California Auto Assigned Risk Plan or the California Department of Insurance for more information about enrollment.

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