Effects of Atmospheric Pollution and Air pollution causes

Objective: to promote responsible behavior towards responsible industrial emissions that pollute the atmosphere, to make people aware of the negative effects.

Air pollution includes all those physical and chemical alterations in the air environment, which occur as a consequence of direct or indirect human intervention.

The atmosphere has undergone, in the course of the geological history of the planet, a multitude of changes and from that first one, an atmosphere that was formed at the beginning of life bears little resemblance to the one we know today. Volcanic emissions, the action of external radiation on the compounds and elements present and the activity of living beings themselves are factors of atmospheric pollution.

Yesterday, the 6.2 million inhabitants of Santiago de Chile suffered an “environmental alert”, declared by the Administration (Government) when the indices of polluting particles reach 200 micrograms per cubic meter of air, a situation caused by the high indices of atmospheric pollution.

The alert establishes the restriction of 40% of non-catalytic vehicles that circulate in the Chilean capital (around 60 thousand). In addition, agricultural burning and the use of wood stoves are prohibited.

The first environmental pre-emergency of this year came on May 12, the day when almost 80 percent of non-catalytic vehicles and 20 percent of those with catalytic converters were banned from driving. Despite the measures taken, environmental pollution reached “critical levels” – not allowed by the World Health Organization (WHO) – due to gas cuts from Argentina, which led industries to start working with oil and other fuels.

As in Chile, air pollution in Mexico is getting bigger every day with the mistreatment that human beings have caused by not caring for the environment, this has caused a great deterioration in our environment, privatizing the natural resources that we use.

Did you know that pollution in the capital of the republic has one of the highest levels of atmospheric emission in what are toxic.

The severity of Mexico City’s air pollution was obvious to the naked eye. Although some officials claimed that there was no problem, that the contamination was controlled. However, there was a lack of official data to verify this, which caused a marked mistrust about the veracity of the statements of the officials who were involved in this problem.

The accelerated growth of the population in Mexico City, the expansion of the urban area and the specialized uses of the land, generates every day a growing need for the displacement of people and goods; it is required more and better transport services. The fuels consumed by transport, industry, services, and in the homes of Mexico City and its metropolitan area far exceed the energy expenditure of any capital city in the country. This is all part of our pollution.

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