Pros and cons of recycling

In each ecosystem there are Producers-Consumers and Decomposers that allow the main elements, necessary for life, to be recycled. In nature, waste is constantly reused. Since almost everything that we occupy or acquire comes from recycled material.

With the appearance of agriculture and livestock, humans no longer had the need to travel to get food as populations began to grow and multiply, producing a greater quantity and accumulation of waste with difficulty in decomposing and recycling.

In the beginning, products made with raw materials such as leather, wood, cotton and even iron, ceramics, etc .; they were easily assimilated as waste was normally recycled. Over time, the amount of waste grew alarmingly and many of them, due to their composition, began to be dangerous, the irreparable damage that these wastes produce in ecosystems: contamination of land, water, air, poisoning of animals and plants. On the other hand, these same residues produce severe damage to the health of human beings, causing us to reduce the generation of said residues.

We know very well that producing garbage is inevitable, among many other causes, because modernity has brought with it the indiscriminate use of certain materials, which pollute our environment, for example, to pack and pack various products such as plastic, cardboard, etc. . Materials that can be recyclable, and that are made from materials that are not biodegradable or difficult to recycle.

One of those materials is plastic. According to the National Confederation of Industrial Chambers, in Mexico 9 billion bottles are produced each year, which represents almost a third of the domestic waste generated throughout the country. In a year, ninety million bottles of soda and purified water are thrown into streets, forests, beaches, rivers or riots with endless waste in bags, also plastic, that end up in sanitary landfills and that, more than being recyclable, turn out to be polluting .

You may ask yourself: what is the problem if a large part of the bottles finds its end in landfills?

The problem is that, according to various investigations, bottles and other plastic derivatives take up to five hundred years to degrade; In addition, the chemicals produced by the garbage pollute the subsoil, erode the land and poison the aquifers.

According to the figures given by the National Confederation of Industrial Chambers, the 9 million bottles that are generated in our country are too many for the plants that are in charge of recycling them since these plants are located in the Federal District, Monterrey, Guadalajara, San Luis Potosí, Veracruz, Cancun and the Rivera Maya.

Seeing the perspective from this point we can say that recycling is useless since the large amounts of garbage generated per year in our country is too much for the plants that are dedicated to recycling this waste and that if we do not raise awareness From what we are generating with so much garbage, we are going to consume our ecosystem which can be at the expense of many forms of pollution.

On the other hand, in the Federal District, in February 2004, the Solid Waste Law was issued, which regulates the separation of waste at home; This Law is intended to reduce the weight, volume and toxicity of garbage. For its dissemination, leaflets and brochures have been distributed; In addition, cleaning personnel are being trained to properly manage waste, all in order to make the effort worthwhile and bring the expected results, but although this law is in force in the Federal District, the rest States continue to generate the same amount of garbage or twice, without being able to carry out a good control of recycling of materials in our country.

Perhaps it would be worth asking ourselves: how does recycling of materials benefit us as individuals, family, and society? To what degree does recycling of garbage affect or benefit us? Perhaps it is easier to start if we think about the effects that we can cause if we change our way of life and our way of consuming than to define responsibility for the garbage that we ourselves generate.

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