Society is made up of people with information

Information has an important role in the cognitive development of the human being; the recognition and use of learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) known among education specialists as the VAK model, linked to the mass media (radio, television, written press) to mention the most used without stopping aside the most modern and up-to-date means of communication such as cell phones, computers, and the Internet. It allows to modification, enrich and conceptualize the concepts currently used in society, at any level.

The educational system is no exception: When talking about Inclusion, Diversity, Educational reforms, School for All, Barriers to learning and participation, bonding, learning communities, collaborative work (authorities, teachers, parents, students, specialists ).

We are assimilating a new way of understanding education, its teachers, its practices, and its students, specifically within the educational institution.

The information reaches everyone and in an informal or formal way, it makes the person who consumes it internal processing of rejection, acceptance, personal challenge and invites them to participate by conceptualizing the new concepts, assimilating them in an apparently passive and active way, perhaps with the desire to improve teaching practices or due to the need that arises within the classrooms; for the cognitive, emotional or behavioral characteristics presented by the diversity of students, for proving that there are new strategies to teach.

It is a moment of change and innovation. The concept of Information is evolving, changing, and developing. The Information Age is in the process of being born. This new information is making us more connected. It is time to develop new concepts of learning and education. This book has been written to reflect on the role of information in society, the role of information in education, the role of information in the process of change in the educational system, and the role of information in social processes. I hope that this book will contribute to the development of an educational system that is based on the concept of information.

But, the reality is that there are no specific strategies for this or that situation, the strategy that works and works well is to have a self-concept, self-discipline, and self-determination to carry out the teaching work, to understand and not just understand the educational practices from the application of a study plan and programs, but from the contextual environment that surrounds and is inherent in the educational process of teaching-learning.

It is to create a culture of information and participation, where each and every one of those involved in educational work redirects the sense of belonging, where their educational needs, rhythms, processes, and teaching-learning styles are respected, recognized, and valued. Where the educational community feels received with their aptitudes, abilities and cognitive skills have seen from an integral vision of the person and their weaknesses, their needs and why not are recognized; its limitations.

All these positive and negative factors that we present as human beings and that are considered to be implicit in our academic work make up the accumulation of opportunities, challenges, and modifications that will allow creating the ideal conditions to reorient teaching work from the perspective of change of paradigm focused on the acceptance of difference, respect for learning rhythms, processes and styles, with an education with a humanistic and inclusive approach that responds to the purpose of School for All.

Thus, the main objective of the school is the development of the person in its fullness, to ensure that the school environment is conducive to learning, with the participation of the family, the community, and the state, supported by the commitment of the teachers, to achieve the integration of all students and individuals and to help them to develop their potential and to acquire the necessary capabilities and skills to access and integrate into society and the labor market.

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