The leader is born but also made

About two years ago, due to a blossoms of destiny, I had the opportunity to read a book that has undoubtedly left a deep mark on my life, and I say that due to destiny because in reality it is a small text that has not appeared inside of the recommended bibliography throughout the master’s degree in leadership that I am currently studying, and that by the way, we were properly invited, not to say, pressured by our superior leaders, to enroll in it, which I finally thank, because we has served as a strong prop in our personal and professional development, since the bet is that from this, the growth of the intellectual capital of the institution of which I am a part will be triggered and that today makes me feel even more proud:

the leaderThe Federal Electricity Commission I want, however, to make it clear that I have had the opportunity to read countless topics, articles, hyperbooks and hyper-courses related to ma These are not less important, they have influenced me, especially when many of my fellow students and colleagues in their expositions, which are not few, and who are part of the evaluation of the subject, demand the most of themselves, always seeking to be the best team.

The book was loaned to me by an ordinary person, in the good sense of the word since he is neither a professional, nor a businesswoman, nor much less, since he has a simple retail clothing store, and of course he is not the first one to me. loan, which I appreciate, that is why I finally feel fortunate because without that person I am sure that I would never have read it, and that is why I affirm that fate had that surprise in store for me, which by the way is already the friend of many years of my wife, and I say that so that it is also very clear.

Few are the people who lend you a book without objections or commitments. This article, in turn, is part of my evaluation, so although it is true that it cannot be printed in its entirety in a newspaper, given the requirement of at least two pages, I hope to at least influence someone, including my family, so that the desire arises to read it in its entirety whose title is: “The World is yours, but you have to earn it” by Kim Woo-Chong. Korean businessman.

the leaderThe book, as there are undoubtedly many, attracts because from its inception it is full of experiences and attitudes towards life in a very simple way, initially written for young people from their country but that with the passage of time managed to cross borders. I believe without fear of being wrong that it should be a recommended text for any student of high school, bachelor’s and master’s level. These are just some of his ideas:

The force to transform the world are the dreamers, but unfortunately many people have learned to stop dreaming” and that “a country without dreamers is like a ship without a rudder” He states that people need to have an optimistic conception of life. “When the chances of success are 1%, the true businessman will see that 1% as the spark that will allow him to light the fire.” “When others begin to count their impossibilities, I begin to count my possibilities” And he dares Recommend some “attributes that will allow you to become a leader at a national and international level:

1.- At a minimum, be able to express yourself fluently in two languages ??

2.- Learn to drive cars (including regulations and safety measures)

3. – Learn the deep use of computers (including the Internet)

4.- Develop skills in various fields of knowledge that allow you to have confidence

5.- and courage to face any situation This was obviously in the 90’s.

“The first to be convinced that something is possible is oneself. To be successful in any endeavor, you must possess a dream and pursue it with energy, ability, and perseverance. (tenacity). Work, in addition to successes, brings with it problems and failures, tenacity is nothing but the ability to face adversity and not be cowed by setbacks.

the leaderRemember that everything we have today was considered impossible in the past. ”He also talks about the value of money, which is neutral:

“ Truly intelligent people use both money and time wisely. Money is neither good nor bad. The good or the bad is the way we use it. When you use the money properly, the amount to be disbursed should not matter; do not be afraid to use a lot when necessary, just ask yourself if its use is beneficial for you and for others.

The rule that governs its use is profitability. The benefit for oneself and for others ”. And about the competition, its philosophy is that “Healthy competition generates energy and creativity. Playing dirty clogs our minds and forces us to “be from the heap.” Get an eighty on a test without copying the most advanced classmate.

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