The Truth About Climate Change and Climate Deniers 

To better understand climate change and climate deniers. You’ve got to learn how to think about climate change.

Make a statement or a point:

Climate change is real and it is happening now.

Why it is important to take this on board (Us Analogy):

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. To better understand climate change and climate deniers you’ve got to understand the nature of the issue. If you understand what is going on, you can better understand the arguments.

What is the worst thing that can happen if this is not taken on board:

To not take this on board, means not understanding the issues surrounding climate change and climate change denial. It means not thinking about the issue at all and this will lead you to make poor decisions. This will mean bad news for future generations.

Reveal the Big Idea in form of important lessons learned:

When you start to think about climate change and climate deniers, you will see how the issue is not as black and white as most people believe it is.

Humanity is increasingly aware of the negative impact that industrialization and the indiscriminate exploitation of resources have had on this planet. The imbalance in which we have plunged the Earth manifests itself through climate change that increasingly threatens humanity, to the point where, clearly, it seems that we are being disinherited from nature.

is climate change irreversible:Hundreds of scientists have evaluated this situation in recent years, coming to issue a clinical diagnosis and a terrifying prognosis, but therapeutic proposals have also been put forward to heal this Earth that is sick and that seeks to establish a new balance, a new order in the world. which could we stop having a safe place?

Yes, we already know what climate change is and all the consequences that it brings, but …

What is the impact of human mental health on climate change?

We human beings are the soul of the Earth and we have to look for the origin of this great imbalance in ourselves. To analyze this, we must focus on the root of the problem. And what is the root?

Both the industrialization of the last 200 years with the consequent environmental pollution, as well as the indiscriminate exploitation of resources, are mere symptoms of a previous imbalance in human development.

This imbalance was due to the fact that the human being excessively developed his rational intelligence and neglected his emotional intelligence, in reality, it can be said that we are mentally deficient. The excessive development of instincts led man to develop his intellect unilaterally and assume a grotesque behavior, selfish against his own nature: for predatory behavior, with an exacerbated desire to possess, delimit and protect his territory.

“While no animal eats more than it needs, man does. While no animal has more territory than it needs, man does ”.

We have completely lost the notion of what is fair and necessary for a good life, and in this process, we have damaged and abused our Mother Earth. We cannot fight climate change without first changing the way we feel, think and, therefore, act.


Advantages of recyclingWith climate change, nature seems to be in full swing. flowers, plants, trees, thaw, blue sky, gray, cold, heat … all this is an explosion of life. For example, with high temperatures or large heat waves, increased light intensity, increased hours of sunshine, variations in humidity levels and atmospheric pressure, people will experience drastic changes higher than common as too much stress, tiredness, weakness, physical and intellectual decline, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, certain apathy and laziness, people will find themselves without the strength to start the day and even with a very low mood, with all these changes that entail emotional wear and tear, Physical and psychological.
From the point of view of Psychology, asthenia is attributed to a conglomeration of environmental factors facilitated by the vulnerability caused by stress or poor quality of life.

The cities with colder climates will experience more deaths related to heat due to the melting of glaciers and great ice mountains, the inhabitants of these areas will feel anguish, anger, neglect, embarrassment, and desperate moments due to the great heat waves, there will be dehydration due to the high degrees of temperature and therefore more deaths. Meanwhile, cities with higher temperatures will have an even higher level of heat than usual, which is summarized as illness, dehydration, and death.

An example is the heatwave that affected Europe in the summer of 2003 that claimed 35,000 victims among the elderly.

The human body has an average temperature of 37 ° C, now, with the increase in temperature and intense heat waves, problems such as dehydration will arise, and due to this nature, man will despair, he will become ill, he will be capable everything to get fluids for well-being.

The impact on health will appear physical injuries and an increase in diarrheal syndromes, an increase in psychiatric diseases, such as anxiety and depression, which is probably related to the damage to the domestic environment and economic losses to which it would lead to a high suicide rate and, in childhood, the number of behavioral illnesses may increase.

Now, with the case of droughts and floods, crops will be extinguished, which will cause a lack of food in man, so there will be a food crisis and high rates of malnutrition, the body will decompensate causing diseases, causing depressions very large, bad humor, and savage and inhuman acts such as killing someone to get some food

top safest destination for solo travelIt will also have an impact on health due to its effects on food production and hygiene, due to the use of water fundamentally for water rather than cleaning, for this reason, hygienic diseases and malnutrition would come due to lack of food. that man, would be more aggressive, would experience negative emotions impact brain activity leading to psychological damage

All of this will fall on all people, but what will happen to low-income people? Due to climate change, water will increase, food will also be in high demand and not all people will have access to it, then, more and more deaths will occur day by day and complete anguish and despair will be generated. to emotional and psychological damage.

Here’s the picture: the whole world will be at greater risk. Increasing risks of crop failure as rainfall regimes change. Increasing risks of mass migration due to rising sea levels. Increasing risks of regional conflicts, as natural resources become scarcer.


Whenever climate change is related to the context of economic loss, the brain tends to reinforce the relationship between the two more strongly. And the consequence is that people lose sight of the crucial truth: protecting the environment is essential to strengthening our economy.

It is very important that, in big decisions, fear is located in the right place; because fear and uncertainty are very strong motivational forces, which is risk aversion.

To put it simply, we have a much stronger tendency to avoid losses than to seek profit. Our motivations to change things tend to plummet when the results are uncertain or unknown.

Is climate change irreversible:

air polutionis it too late to do anything? Is climate change reversible? How bad will climate change get? Is climate change reversible? What causes climate change? What causes climate change? What is the time frame for climate change?

Study The world’s oceans are warming and changing at an unprecedented rate, with the potential for some species to become extinct, according to a new scientific report. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said there was “unequivocal” evidence that global average surface temperatures have increased by about 1.8C since the late 19th century. And it warned that human activity is to blame for the changes.

Climate change on earth:

What you need to know about Climate change is the long-term average temperature rise of the planet. It affects everything, from ocean water temperatures and rainfall patterns to sea level rise, drought, and extreme weather events such as heatwaves, floods, storms, and droughts. The world’s average temperature has increased by 1 degree since the start of the industrial revolution.

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