Water Save it – Because it is Vital Liquid

Pollution and waste of water is one of the most important and strongest problems in the world. These types of problems worry us more every day and we must take care of ourselves more.

Let us begin as the first point the contamination of rivers, lakes and seas that these are the ones that collect all the garbage discarded by us humans. Pesticides, chemical wastes, heavy metals, radioactive waste, which are thrown away by factories are found, in greater or lesser quantities. Many waters are polluted to the point of making them dangerous to human health, and harmful to life.

save water waysWe have an example of river pollution here in our State of Mexico: the Lerma River, previously this river contained clean water, which contained carp fish, frogs, among other species. But thanks to urbanization and industrialization that tends to destroy natural resources, they caused environmental degradation by polluting the river with domestic and industrial wastewater. The governor of Edo long ago. From Mexico, Erique Peña Nieto demanded the establishment of special plants for the treatment of wastewater, in order to solve the problems caused by contamination.

According to the National Water Commission, 50 percent of the waters of the Lerma River are highly polluted, 39 percent were slightly polluted, and 9 percent were of acceptable quality. Unpolluted water tends to have slight reddish, brown, yellowish or greenish colors, mainly due to the humic, iron compounds or the green pigments of the algae they contain.

Water is life save it:

Another problem of great importance is the waste and contamination of water in homes. For convenience, many families waste hundreds of liters of water per day. For example, bathing takes more than 15 minutes. Also the use of too much detergent pollutes the water either when washing dishes, clothes. The detergents we use in our homes produce foams and add phosphate to the water. They greatly reduce the self-purifying power of rivers by hindering bacterial activity. They also interfere with flocculation and sedimentation processes in treatment plants. Disinformation on all in these cases is what causes all these damages, if the information were provided or disclosed it would reduce the level of contamination, because many people do not have enough information about these contamination issues or have erroneous knowledge that these in turn they become habits that bring pollution with them.

Save water methods:

solo travel best destinationsFor this reason, here are some tips to save and not pollute the water:
Turn off the faucets while you lather, scrub yourself in the bathroom, shave or brush your teeth, or wash the dishes. When you go to bathe, use a bucket below while the hot water comes out, that water can be used to water plants, for the bathroom, to wash the floor.

Do not wash the sidewalk, floors or the car with the hose, use only the necessary in buckets.

Report any leaks you observe on the street, monitor the toilets, water tanks and cisterns, repairing any leaks.

How save water at home:

Use only the water strictly necessary in the bathroom, when washing dishes and when washing clothes.

There are many save water ways…
When using the washing machine, use the maximum amount of clothes allowed in each load.

Do not use the WC like a trash can. Only flush the toilet once.

Advantages of recyclingFix leaky faucets. One drop per second becomes thirty liters a day. You will save water and you will notice it on the bill

When you have excess oil (from frying, from tuna cans, etc.), do not pour it down the sink or the toilet, because it is very expensive and difficult to purify that grease from the drains. (Pour it into a closed can and throw it away.)

Try to avoid the most aggressive cleaning products: among others, oven cleaners, bathroom cleaners, carpet cleaners, plungers, disinfectants, polishes and various concentrated ammonia compounds. By pouring these products down the drain, the subsequent purification of the water is enormously difficult, which one day will have to return to our taps.

If you water your garden, do it at dawn or dusk, when the water takes longer to evaporate. Do not water on windy days, when the wind carries the water.

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