How lose weight without Dieting

If you’re a parent, you know that it can be tough to find the time to exercise. But it doesn’t have to be a chore—you can get fit in a short amount of time every day. We’ve rounded up our favorite fast-paced workouts that don’t require equipment and will fit into your schedule. Do these quick workouts before or after work. What is it about?

Yes, there is a trick to lose weight without dieting..

It is eating only with a fork… Not believing read this full article..

How to lose weight eating only with a fork:

The forking diet is a weight loss plan devised by French doctors and specialists. More than a diet, it consists of a new way of eating based on eating only with a fork (fork, in English). The hands, the knife, and the spoon cannot be used, so the foods that we can ingest through their use are left out, which are precisely those that contain the most calories.

The forking diet is also based on Chrono nutrition, on the ancestral principle that we should eat breakfast like kings, lunch like princes, and dine like poor people.

By practicing forking you will have more appetite at breakfast, a little less at lunch and you can have a small snack in the afternoon and thus you will have less appetite at dinner time, which is the key moment of the diet.

The forking diet is a way to balance eating by learning to eat reasonably what we like and forgetting about frustration.

This diet totally prohibits pecking with the fingers, which is often responsible for ingesting more than necessary.

Reasons why it favors weight loss:

weight loseThere are several reasons why the forking diet favors weight loss:

1) It almost completely excludes all fats and fast sugars at night, the time of day when they are most easily stored by the body.

2) reduce food intake, limiting the amounts ingested in each bite ends up reducing portions and helps to accustom the body and mind to eat less at night.

3) by not imposing any restrictions the rest of the day, it avoids the frustrations that cause more chopping between hours.

Forking is not a drastic regimen, you thin slowly and it takes time to see profound changes. They can lose 1 to 2 kilos in three weeks but permanently.

Forking Styles:

There are two styles of forking, designed by the authors of the diet:

1) Strict forking: It is used to lose weight quickly by eating foods that do not have to be prepared with the help of a knife and that can only be eaten with a fork.

2) Light Forking: It is used to gradually lose weight, eating foods that can be ingested with a fork, no matter how they were prepared.

There is another forking style too called Moderate forking: It is used to maintain weight and to prepare food with a knife. This style of forking requires the use of wooden or metal forks.

Forbidden food:

The forking diet eliminates everything that is eaten with the hands: canapes, olives, snack cookies, bread, chips, cold cuts, seafood, fruits, sweets, chocolate. With a spoon: soup, soft-boiled egg, yogurts, cereals, salad, compote, cakes, ice cream, with a spread knife: spread cheese, butter, margarine, jam, honey, pâté or cutting: Meat, chicken, cheese, pizza, quiche, savory pies, peeled fruits.

Allowed foods:

how lose weight without dietingThe following are authorized: vegetables, legumes such as lentils, peas, green beans, chickpeas and cereals (pasta, rice, wheat), fish and prepared dishes whose ingredients appear on this list.

During breakfast, the body can burn fats from the night before, so the main thing here is to have an adequate amount of carbohydrates for the body, which is why we eat cereals, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, and other products that are rich in carbohydrates.

Special care must be taken with dinner, as it is the time when the body sets calories more, so we must eat to a lesser degree than in the rest of the meals and we also do it by eating only foods that can be taken with the fork.

Do not forget that these foods are part of the Mediterranean diet: legumes, cereals, vegetables, etc. And in turn, we avoid foods rich in fat.

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