Reconnection and Reconnective Healing

What is The Reconnection?

Reconnection is the process of reestablishing yourself with the universe. These healings and evolutionary frequencies are part of a new bandwidth that comes to us through a spectrum of light and information. Thanks to The Reconnection, we are able to interact with the new levels of light and information and connect with each other. It can be developed in each of us, because this is something new, different, and real. This process was discovered by another person. Eric Pearl is the son of the late Eric Pearl.

Reconnective Healing is a form of healing that is on our planet for the first time. It reconnects us with the fullness of the universe and at the same time with the fullness of the Being that we are. This is believed to happen thanks to a new range of healing frequencies, but perhaps also because of a whole new bandwidth whose reality has been demonstrated in practice and in scientific laboratories.

The presence of this healing energy can be clearly seen through the so-called “records”, which can be found on the internet. In no way will the person receiving the energy be harmed or disturbed by the rapid eye movements, altered breathing, and slight muscle contractions that we are talking about.

What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and Reconnection?

reconnection healingReconnective Healing and Reconnection are both based on the principle of intention. In Reconnective Healing we aim to heal, which includes the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and other levels of being. In addition, by achieving the degree of healing facilitated by Reconnective Healing, we will experience a reconnection as part of the process. It is this reconnection that makes Reconnective Healing so radically more complete than the healing techniques we have had thus far.

The purpose of The Reconnection is to bring us to the fullest extent of our connection with the universe. This is done over the course of two sessions, and we refer to this as receiving a Reconnection. You will also experience healing if you achieve the degree of reconnection brought about by this process. To achieve the greatest benefits, it is recommended that the Reconnection sessions and the Reconnective healing sessions be done separately, allowing time to lapse.

Reconnective healing is an innovative and revolutionary technique that helps to reestablish the connection that the sick person has lost with their original information of Unity, Perfection, and Balance. Reconnection and Reconnective Healing are Quantum Therapies that work at the DNA level. The visible part of an energy field that surrounds and sustains us is the physical body. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual processes are closely related to the quality, strength, and balance of this energy. Something needs a reorientation and a change, and the disease acts as an alarm. This energy is essential for the proper functioning of all the systems of the body. It helps the body to be healthy and balanced, and it is very important that we keep the energy in balance. Imbalances in any one plane are very detrimental to our overall health and well-being, because they affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The two things that are perfect are Balance and Perfection. Re-connective healing and reconnection are quantum therapies that act at the DNA level. The visible part of an energy field that surrounds and sustains us is our physical body. This energy circulates and is managed by a complex system of plexuses and channels that organize and distribute it throughout the body, these channels or energy currents, which are the ones that are worked with oriental acupuncture. Our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual processes are closely connected to the quality, strength, and balance of this energy. If the attitude persists and becomes entrenched, the physical body will be subtly affected, becoming ill if the imbalances occur in any of these planes. The disease acts as an alarm for something that needs a reorientation and a change.

The therapist has a role to play in reestablishing the Reconnection. It withdraws and begins an intimate process of the person with himself, whose evolution will depend on his ability to integrate the new information into her life experience. Sometimes the disease serves as a catalyst to avoid something that is afraid to face: work, relationships, decisions, etc.

Reconnective healing and reconnection work on those frequencies. It facilitates the reconnection of the individual with their original balance design through the realignment of our meridians with the terrestrial meridians, also known as axiatonal lines. The evolution of humanity depends on your ability to overcome the underlying resistances in any disease or imbalance. Reconnective Healing usually takes place in three sessions, but it can be done in two or one. It all depends on the receptivity and evolution of the patient.

Does reconnective healing work?

reconnective healingThe results are often immediate or at least after a few days. This is the case in most chronic illnesses. If you have had a chronic illness for a long time, you may need more sessions. But if you have had an acute illness, you will see results right away. How does it work? The main difference between Reconnective Healing and conventional medicine is that it works from the inside out. For example, if you have a chronic pain problem, you may go to the doctor, take medication, get physical therapy, etc. It’s like putting the band-aid on the wound to cover it up. The wound will still be there and the pain will continue.

The goal of Reconnective Healing is to heal the wound from the inside out. How does the patient feel after healing? You will usually feel a sense of calmness and serenity after healing. You will also feel less pain or inflammation and more energy. Why should I do this? There are many reasons to do this: You want to heal yourself of any illness or condition. You want to help your loved ones. You want to protect yourself from any disease. You want to avoid a chronic illness. You want to heal your child or other children.

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