What are the types of toxins in the body?

What do we call toxins?

We call toxins all that our body cannot eliminate in a timely manner; either because the emuntorial systems are saturated or because the amount of toxins is excessive the third situation is the combination of the two, which I think is the most correct theory.

Generically, we call them homotoxins and we divide them into endotoxin (those produced by the body itself) and exotoxins, which are the ones we incorporate from the outside.

Types of Toxins:

When we see a laboratory analysis, and we see that we have high values ?? Of some of the determinations such as glucose (glycemia), cholesterol, uric acid, and uremia, which is telling us that it is accumulating in the body and that excess is toxic, which is why it determines the appearance of a certain diseases.

Already passing to the toxins that come from outside (exotoxins) the greatest amount is provided by food.

A separate chapter is about biological toxins such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

The incorrect digestion of carbohydrates favors the fermentation processes since instead of obtaining simple sugars (glucose), it is produced, among other things, carbon oxide, alcohols, acetic acid, oxalic acid, etc.

The incorrect digestion of proteins is dangerous for the organism since it can produce toxic substances such as alcohol, phenol, skatole, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfate, phenylpropionic acid, indole, etc.

From sugar, foods with flour, bread, and raw foods, especially ingested in large quantities, fermentation products such as acids and alcohols are formed, and other toxins such as Fusel oil, methanol, propanol and butanol among others.

Highly toxic substances such as putrecin, neurin and cadaverin (toxin from corpses) arise from foods rich in albumin such as meat, cold cuts, fish and eggs.

Effects of Toxins:

These toxins arising in the intestine can enter the bloodstream, especially when the intestinal mucosa is deformed by inflammation. From there, after having overcome the barrier of the liver, all the cells of the body gradually produce a chronic intestinal autointoxication.

As consequences, toxins can produce the following distant symptoms:

Poor general health, listlessness, bad mood, irritability, susceptibility, nervousness, bad breath and body odor, dirty tongue, back and waist pain, trouble sleeping or seeing, pain or pressure in the head, heart discomfort, breathing difficulties, varicose veins (with constantly cold hands and feet), dizziness, exhaustion when waking up in the morning, profuse perspiration, etc.

Also the so-called neuro vegetative dystonia, migraine, hypertensive disease, neuralgia, joint pain, etc.

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