What is Artichoke diet and How it helps?

What is Artichoke diet?

The artichoke is a diuretic food and rich in fiber that favors the filtration of fats and sugars. In addition, thanks to its purifying, hepatic and renal capacity, it favors the functions of the liver in general.

Make a complete menu based on artichokes and benefit from all its properties. The variety of foods to combine with the artichoke will surprise you. Use your imagination and prepare the dish that you like the most. Here we recommend a set of foods that will suit you well: peppers (raw or boiled), potatoes, Serrano ham, foie gras, vinaigrette, virgin olive oil, orange juice, skim milk, whole wheat bread, apple, rice integral.

This diet is ideal to perform a couple of times a month for 3 days in a row at most. If the rest of the days of the month you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you will notice the effects: between 4 or 5 kilos less in a month.


The artichoke regulates the amount of glycemia in the blood, for this reason it is very suitable for diabetics although it is recommended to consult a specialist first.

It acts against cellulite and beautifies the skin.
Reduce the cholesterol.
It is a cleansing food that contains abundant cynarin, a substance that cleanses the blood, promotes liver metabolism and activates the production of bile.
Its low amount of sodium makes it a very suitable food to balance blood pressure. It is highly recommended for those with high blood pressure as long as it is taken without adding salt.

Artichoke dietary information:

The artichoke diet is not a monodiet insofar as it allows mixing the artichoke with other types of food while on the diet.

The diet that we propose below will serve you for the one-day menu. The rest of the days you should follow the same pattern for breakfasts and snacks, being able to modify meals and dinners through light recipes whose main food is artichokes.


An orange juice
Two slices of whole wheat bread with artichoke cream

A plate of brown rice with artichokes
An Apple


A glass of skim milk


Three or four grilled artichokes
A cut of bread with fresh cheese


low interest student loanIf you are hungry, you can complete the diet with a daily yogurt, small amounts of fresh cheese and a little whole wheat bread.
Try to drink two liters of water a day.
Diet for up to three days. After them increase the consumption and the variety of foods to balance your body.

Performing this diet very frequently and without adequate breaks can cause problems derived from the lack of calories such as gastroenteritis, a general malaise, dizziness, hair loss, muscle contractures, amenorrhea in women, insomnia, anxiety, irritability and depression.
This diet is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Nor is it recommended for adolescents or people who are going through any illness or depressive process.

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