How to hire Movers without any tension?

What should be done to avoid trauma?

Steps before hiring a move….

1. Before you make a decision, be sure to compare prices and find out about the company you are going to contract with.

2. Take a look at the company’s experience. If you want to visit the business in person, try to get a licensed business.

3. Ask for a visit to your home so that the company has an idea of the objects that you are going to transport and the procedure to do it, in order to design a more precise budget.

4. Ask for at least three estimates. These must come to you in writing and not over the phone. In this way, the parties undertake to comply with the agreed clauses. Do not forget to ask if VAT is already included in the final price.

5. Ask the transporter if they have merchandise insurance policies, Do not take risks, If the company does not have one, take one on your own. Also, investigate the name of who is in charge of carrying out the process and write down their phone numbers.

Before carrying out the move:

1. If you do it, analyze the cost of the material you will need (scissors, cinnamon tape, boxes, markers, etc.), if you prefer the moving company. If you want an expert to do it, companies such as good online can give you support.

2. This will help you in case of a shortage or damage to your furniture, if you make a detailed inventory of all the furniture that you will transport to your new home or office.

3. If you pack the objects in a room, they will be more organized.

4. Pack value, chemicals, and other items separately.

5. Inform the transporter about the equipment collection floor and the equipment arrival floor. It’s important to figure out the number of operators required to load.

On moving day:

1. To clarify any doubts that those responsible for the service may have, it is recommended that at least three people attend, one in the home, another in the transport area, and a third in the property where the furniture will be delivered.

2. Before moving to the new address, make sure that the corridors, stairs, elevators, etc., are free.

3. You can make a draft before and after the move about the state of the objects and furniture. If you detect damage in some of them, you need to report it immediately to the company so that it can be fixed. The claim period is within the contract.

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