7 Reasons Why Cycling is Good for you

You probably know that your health is one of the reasons why it is better to leave the car at home and take the bike. But there are also several other reasons why it is better to take a bicycle to work. Perhaps after reading this text you should take a look at the options for (electric) bicycles.

1. Fitness:

Especially if you have a sedentary profession, cycling to work regularly can increase your fitness considerably. If you ride your bike for half an hour a day, it increases your fitness by 13%. That is comparable to going to the gym 1 or 2 times a week. This way you suddenly feel fitter than that colleague who is 10 years younger, who comes by car. That is certainly a nice idea.

2. Burn Calories:

Hopefully you are not overweight, but cycling is both a good method to do something about it and to prevent it. Cycling is a movement that uses a lot of energy at a low intensity. Cycling for half an hour at an average pace of 18 kilometers per hour burns 150 kcal. That is comparable to the kilocalories in a croquette. If you also leave that croquette behind, that’s a real double win.

3. Feeling good:

When you cycle, your body produces the hormones endorphins and serotonin. These substances are also artificially induced with antidepressants. Cycling simply gives you a good feeling through a natural process without side effects.

4. Cyclists live longer:

Did you know that cycling significantly reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases, such as cardiovascular disease? The chance of premature death due to these causes decreases by 40% for someone who cycles regularly.

5. Cycling is just easy:

The Netherlands, USA, Canada, UK and other european countries have sufficient cycle paths everywhere and the other traffic is used to cyclists. In our country you can reach almost every location by bike. Within the city you can often reach your destination even faster by bike than with any other mode of transport. And if the distance is quite large and you could use a helping hand, take a look at electric bicycles online.

6. Cycling to work saves money:

Cycling is an inexpensive way to get to work. In fact, walking alone is even cheaper. Of course, the type of bike makes a difference in cost. An electric bicycle costs more to maintain and also uses energy. On the bicycle calculator of the ANWB you can see what you save with a bicycle.

7. Cycling to work is good for the environment:

Do you want to make an extra contribution to a sustainable environment? Even then, a bicycle is of course the best choice when it comes to means of transport. Almost all parts of the modern bicycle can be reused.

Are you convinced? Then take a look at electric bicycles online for the bicycle you will use to go to work. Make it your lifestyle for fitness, healthy and wealthy life.

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