A Brief detail of self esteem versus self concept

Every person has feelings inside, which according to their personality can manifest them in different ways. Many times these manifestations depend on other factors, depending on the physical, sentimental and emotional place, these can positively or negatively influence the formation of the person, that is, Self-esteem.

We will develop this topic because we are in a stage in which we try to define our personality, taking different models since we interact in different areas. We were interested in others since it was a subject in which we had little knowledge. This motivated us to investigate the subject thoroughly since we consider it important for the development and the constitution of a good life.

The objective of this scientific research is to answer our doubts raised as hypotheses: What symptoms do people who suffer a lag in their self-esteem manifest? What are the factors that influence the person you do that this lag exists? How to help the person who has low self-esteem ?.
We hope to meet our objectives and expectations of the work, obtaining a good result from it.

What is self-esteem?

self esteemSelf-esteem is the valued feeling of our being, of our way of being, of who we are, of the set of bodily, mental and spiritual traits that make up our personality. This is learned, it can change and improve. It is from the age of 5-6 when we begin to form a concept of how our elders (parents, teachers), colleagues, friends, etc. see us and the experiences that we are acquiring.

Depending on how our self-esteem is, it is responsible for many failures and successes, since an adequate self-esteem, linked to a positive concept of myself, will enhance the ability of people to develop their skills and will increase the level of personal security, while that a low self-esteem will focus the person towards defeat and failure.

Low self-esteem:

We all have unresolved feelings inside, even if we are not always aware of them. Hidden feelings of pain often turn into anger, and over time we turn the anger on ourselves, thus leading to depression. These feelings can take many forms: hating ourselves, anxiety attacks, sudden mood swings, guilt, overreactions, hypersensitivity, finding the negative side in positive situations, or feeling helpless and self-destructive.

When a person does not manage to be authentic, the greatest suffering originates, such as psychological illnesses, depression, neuroses and certain traits that may not become pathological * but create a series of dissatisfactions and painful situations, such as , shyness, shame, fears, psychosomatic disorders *.

Self esteem versus Self concept:

Self-esteem relies on however we tend to feel concerning ourselves. it is a positive or negative read of ourselves, supported however we tend to feel concerning ourselves. It’s our self-evaluation. Self-concept is however we tend to believe we should always be or United Nations agency we predict we tend to area unit.

self esteem versus self conceptSelf-concept is commonly confused with vanity. It’s potential that folks have an occasional self-concept as a result of they do not like their self-image. someone may accept themselves in a very self-concept method. somebody United Nations agency is definite that they’re a loser might have an occasional self-concept. somebody United Nations agency is assured and thinks of themselves as a winner isn’t identical as somebody United Nations agency isn’t assured. You see yourself and your talents by self-concept and self-concept alone.

The two main ideas are: what you think to be true concerning yourself {and how|and the method} you’ll modification the way you’re thinking that. they are important ideas as a result of it’s however you outline yourself and perceive {how to|the method to|a way to} modification the way you’re thinking that that determines however you behave.

Self-esteem is important because it is our way of perceiving and valuing ourselves as well as shaping our lives. A person who does not have confidence in himself, or in his own possibilities, may be due to experiences that have made him feel that way or because of messages of confirmation or disconfirmation that are transmitted by important people in his life, who encourage him or they denigrate *.

Another cause by which people become devalued is by comparison with others, highlighting of these the virtues in which they are superior, for example: they feel that they do not reach the returns that others achieve; They believe that their existence does not have a purpose, a meaning and they feel incapable of giving it to them. their significant beings disqualify them and existence is reduced to that of a being almost without being. They fail to understand that all people are different, unique and unrepeatable, so they consider themselves less than others.

The person grows and forms his personality within the family environment, which is the main factor that influences its formation, since it incorporates values, rules and customs that are sometimes counterproductive. Some of the aforementioned aspects are incorporated into the family through the “model” that society presents to us, and this is assimilated by all social groups. But, the personality of each one is not only formed through the family, but also, with what it believes that others think of it and with what it thinks of itself, when leaving this environment and interacting with people from a different group.

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