Basis for Success in Life

No one can predict the future, but we can all agree that the basis for success in life lies in our ability to persevere through hardships. Despite the setbacks and challenges we face, we must always remember that we have the power to choose how we react to difficult situations.

When faced with an obstacle, we can either let it defeat us or use it as motivation to become stronger. It is our resilience in the face of adversity that ultimately determines our success in life.

No one knows what the future holds, but we can all be sure that the foundation for a successful life is built on our ability to get back up after we fall. So, never give up on yourself – your strength and determination are the keys to success.

The person who recognizes the sovereignty of GOD will feel happy in living a life with purpose, because he has the true motivation, and will act correctly for his own benefit and that of others.

power of sunlightThe Sage concludes, “man’s only alternative is to FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS from him”. Getting involved in healthy and productive activities gives motivation, brings benefits to others, and feels accomplished. Cultivating friendships, including new people, enriches our lives. He can spend a lot of time looking at what men say about THE MEANING OF LIFE, but the fundamental duty is “FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. BASES

  • 1.-Secure reward: Sharing with those who are in need gives us the security that sooner or later we will be returned the same or greater. Sharing, is an attitude that leads us to perfection. Challenge to extend relationships and increase acts of CHARITY.
  • 2.-Cause and effect: Observe nature if the clouds are loaded with water, we know it will rain, there are many people who spend their lives looking for the best conditions to work, to love, to fulfill themselves, and for them, the conditions are never right, and they lose their lives, we must act and take advantage of today and what I have to work on my ideas and for the family.
  • 3.- Live responsibly trusting in GOD: Many things one does NOT understand in life, accept and live without having to understand everything, we do not understand the work of GOD. We can exercise faith and collaborate with HIM. Invest all our energies and wisdom when we do a task, trusting that GOD will prosper that activity. The light, a new day, new opportunities, use our talents, happy is he who testifies to the love and goodness of GOD every day. Each one determines his attitude towards the circumstances of life.
  • 4.-Live happily remembering the CREATOR: Remember, the days of your youth, and the values ​​you acquired. Make decisions that will affect the rest of your life. We must seize the day we have, we do not know the future. If you don’t make the right decisions today and work, old age will come, and you won’t be able to do anything.
  • 5.-Living in obedience and fear of GOD: There is a path that changes everything, fear GOD and keep his commandments. GOD will bring each person to judgment. It will be based on each person’s relationship with JESUS ​​CHRIST as a personal savior. That motivates you to live a good life, seek the will of GOD and do it.

Application in our lives:

  • 1.- We must be willing to help others. Have a generous attitude towards others and help those who are disadvantaged. These acts will keep us from greed and give us gratitude to GOD for the blessings received.
  • 2.- Let us work with faith; God will multiply our efforts when they are aimed at extending his kingdom here on earth.
  • 3.- In every effort to make a living, we have to remember GOD. Let us trust that God will reward our faithfulness.
  • 5.- In order to be successful, we must have patience and be persevering in our endeavors.
  • 6.- When we do not receive the results we expected, let us have courage and keep moving forward.
  • 7.- Always remember that there is no alternative to GOD. He is the only source of all good things.
  • 8.- It is important to know our limitations; we cannot always achieve what we want. We should be realistic and accept the situation as it is.
  • 9.- We should be careful of our health because we are not immortal.

No matter what you do in life, success will always elude you unless you have the act of God working in your favor. This doesn’t mean that you have to be religious or anything, but you do need to believe that there is a higher power that can help you achieve your goals.

When you have the act of God on your side, doors will open for you that you never thought possible. You’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time, and you’ll be able to take advantage of opportunities that you would have never had otherwise.

People will be drawn to you and want to help you achieve your goals. You’ll find that your network of contacts and supporters will grow, and you’ll be able to get the resources you need to succeed.

Most importantly, you’ll have a feeling of inner peace and confidence that comes from knowing that you are being guided by a higher power. When you have this kind of faith, you’ll be able to overcome any obstacle and achieve anything you set your mind to.

So if you want to experience true success in life, make sure you have the act of God working in your favor. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.


The best foundation for success in life is to have Jesus Christ in our hearts as our Lord and Savior. You can have him just by recognizing that he is the son of GOD who came into the world to die on the cross and pay for all sins, and open your heart and receive him by praying where you confess your sins and enter your heart.

This is the best basis for success, and then work with a project and an organized life plan and with specific goals, for which it is time to make the right decisions taking advantage of the opportunity for it, that’s why I want to share with all of you the opportunity to achieve your biggest dreams and desires.

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