Let’s change our attitude

I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I have an attitude. But do I? We all have an attitude toward life. Some people have a positive attitude; others have a negative one.

And we can’t help it. It’s built into us. We can’t help but have an attitude. You may be wondering what’s so bad about having an attitude. We all do it, don’t we? So what? Let’s set the record straight.

We Mexicans of the XXI century can mark the change in our country, simply by changing our attitude, adopting certain attitudes, some of them are:

Punctual The new Mexican must develop a culture in which arriving on time is essential, with the premise that time is very valuable and cannot be recovered, for which reason we must respect both our own time and that of others.


We must make it a habit to work as a team, helping each other, unite our capacities with those of our colleagues, avoid being individualists.

Willing to change:

The new Mexican will have as a main characteristic a predisposition to change, enormous adaptability, and a constant search for the best for him and his country.

Avoid laziness:

The new Mexican will have to engrave himself in his mind and apply it to all of his actions TODAY, not leaving pending, finishing what he started, and changing the vice of laziness.


We have to learn to give a place to everything and the most important thing to leave everything in its place.


“He who perseveres achieves”, Mexicans are desperate and seek quick results, we must be aware that the success we have in the companies we undertake will be proportional to the time we invest, the perseverance we have.


new mexicanWe must become aware of the importance of responsibility for all our actions, work and in general in all aspects of our life, avoiding the classic pretexts of the current Mexican, which are nothing more than a reflection of our irresponsibility. Eliminate the “there it goes”, “no way”, “we’ll see”, and so on.


We must create the habit of reading and research. We must take into account becoming an educated people, but not only or merely formal, but through research and a predisposition to learn. It is difficult to deceive, subdue and manipulate an educated people.


Unfortunately, Mexicans have the tendency to disguise or exaggerate reality, or to lean towards the easier path, that of corruption, deception, lies, simulation, for many years we simulated a democracy that was almost always manipulated and directed.


This means we must always go a step further, do things on our own initiative.


This mainly refers to respecting both our environment and the people with whom we interact throughout our lives, respecting their interests, their opinions and respecting them above all as human beings. Let’s learn to argue with fundamentals and data.


We must learn not to envy, but to support and even sometimes make way for people who have the courage or drive to get ahead, without criticizing, judging or “hanging miracles” that overshadow their achievements.

Committed to Mexico:

This is one of the characteristics that WE FIRMLY believe will bring the country afloat in the future, but it is the one that we must begin to put into practice from today, if we do not achieve a culture committed to moving forward the country that has sincerely seen us born. I believe that everything else will be in abundance, it is essential that we love our country and that we commit ourselves to achieve a change for the better in it.

Social responsability:

It refers to how it is our responsibility to achieve a better society, to take actions that help all of us who live in this country not to be corrupt, but to respond for our good or bad deeds.

Self-confidence (Self-esteem):

We must walk through world history with our heads held high, each one contributing what we do best, always looking for what gives us strength and confidence, finding this confidence within ourselves.

Challenge Finder:

It is important that we learn to enjoy those situations that present us with a challenge, this is coupled with the previous characteristic, only those who have managed to get ahead of one of these challenges achieve self-confidence, and vice versa, trust will always be the main driver. of new ideas.


Mexicans have to learn to care for and conserve the environment, in order to achieve a healthier world than we have today. Take care of our seas, take care of our forests, take care of our space, our air, our EARTH.

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