The Easy Guide For Natural Beach Makeup

Normally when we go to the beach we are going to have fun, to forget about the stress of work and school, the last thing that goes through our minds is taking care of our skin and hair, so the consequences are usually fatal, the burning in our Skin forces us to take care of it, but our hair is always forgotten.

Use Oil on the Skin to protect:

But we must not wait until the damage is done to repair it, we must always take care of our hair and skin, and what better way than to do it by applying argan oil to the hair and skin, this oil is not greasy and does not cover the pores of the skin, moisturizing them deeply but without greasing them, this is a great advantage as it does not create acne or blackheads on the skin or create dandruff or seborrhea on the scalp.

If you are thinking of spending a weekend at the beach, take care of your hair from now on, your hair is the first thing that comes into contact with the sun, together with the hot air and salt dehydrates it and burns it, leaving it opaque and without life, apply a hydrating hair treatment, as we mentioned before, argan oil is an excellent option to take care of your hair.

Use Oil on Hair to protect:

Apply argan oil to dry hair, and it will be fixed in a short time, in a short time your hair will look radiant and much healthier, and when you expose it to the sun it will resist the sun’s rays much more easily as well as the damage caused by the weather. , and the best thing, is that by continuing to apply argan oil will help you repair it quickly.

You will see that the effects are so good that you will not only want to apply argan oil to your hair when you go to the beach but throughout the year, but how to apply this oil? Where to buy it? What are the defining characteristics of this oil?

Argan oil for hair is for cosmetic use, (there are only two types: food and cosmetic) if your hair is very dry you can apply it daily after bathing or if your hair is normal, use it as a hair treatment once a week.

This oil can be bought in specialized stores online, just make sure it is of good quality and that it is guaranteed, preferably that it comes from the cooperatives of Berber women who take great care of the quality of the oil they extract. “You can buy any of good argan oil to apply on your skin and hair,” said my friend Olivia. Olivia always goes to the beach on Sundays with her friends. Sometimes I am also going with her. We enjoy it a lot. She always said, “First need to protect our skin and hair after that body too from direct sunshine and beach waves”. I always follow her pieces of advice.

When you buy your argan oil make sure that if it is for cosmetic use it has a golden amber pain, an odor that is not unpleasant or goat, is not greasy, and is easily absorbed through the skin.

You will find many articles about the quality of argan oil on the internet, look for them and compare them, find out, you will also find many tips on how to apply argan oil to your hair and take care of it not only when you go to the beach but at different occasions and events.

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