Why do we need to conserve water?

Water is a vital liquid for the human being and all the living beings that inhabit our planet earth, since the life cycle depends on them, which is part of survival for all.

How to save water?

Unfortunately the misuse of the important liquid that it has made the man which is wasted unnecessarily and we can see it in urban areas, housing, in the cities, in the street when they wash the cars with hoses, water leaks in the streets, at home when the tap is left open and it is not used , when we take a bath, in watering the plants with a hose, washing the sidewalks, etc. daily and simple activities in which we do not realize the great waste that with the passage of time will affect human life in an unimaginable way, but rather raise awareness and really value the great importance of water Some people think that water cannot be finished simply because the earth is made up of three quarters of water, but they do not know that it is salty and cannot be consumed; We could not live, feed ourselves, clean ourselves, carry out basic activities to survive, this happens in the aforementioned areas.

We also find the opposite side, the end where there is no water even for the basics, areas where it takes a lot of work to get the water, that the pipes take more than a week, it has a cost to bring the water or that you have to walk kilometers and only with buckets or a minimum amount to have water at home, minimum to drink. areas of extreme poverty that dig very deep wells to have access to water but that is not potable water and in a certain way affects its consumption causing intestinal diseases in children and elderly people, this type of people value and take care of water, as it is not in the CD.

Why save water?

On the other hand in the world, there are problems of temperature changes that seriously affect humanity and with it also the water since rivers, aquifers, springs, streams are drying up, polluting due to global warming, water that in some feeding time to other living beings, areas that are being lost because man is not aware that sooner or later the water will run out or at least the freshwater or that it can be consumed.

The result is that the supply of water is not enough for people to live and develop, and this has led to wars and conflicts between countries, but most of all is that this problem is the source of many diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, cholera, etc. On top of this, the pollution of water has become a problem that needs to be solved for humanity to survive, and so we have to work together to do this.

The drinking water that reaches the Cd is already highly treated and can sometimes be perceived with a lot of chlorine smell, without realizing it affects our health, chlorine is a substance that over time damages the intestinal flora, triggering other diseases.

At present, campaigns are carried out to take care of water, only that we do not drink much, find that we always have water at home and we value it on a day that because of the light or because of the fix of a leak we do not have is when we see that it is important It is, but the moment passes and we do it again, it is painful when the children who teach them at school that water is important and we must take care of it, therefore what we should and should not do with it, educate the elderly or ask why For which we have this behavior, the most serious thing is that with our example we do not help in the formation of the people who come after us to have a better world in all aspects and especially the great value it has in our life.

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