Data Backup – Local Storage vs Online Storage

My interest and expertise in backup solutions began when my hard drive crashed and died. On that disk I had all my business files and all my family photographs. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing all this, so I found a data restoration company, they gave me good service that cost me almost $ 2000. After my recovery I understood how underestimated the data on our computers is and decided to help my family, friends, and clients to be “Protected Against Data Loss.”

When I decided to find out about my backup options, I learned that there are several options, and each option has specific techniques that everyone should know in order to create a successful backup.

First Option – Local Storage

Local storage is any type of storage that will keep your backup on physical media available at your fingertips. This could be:

  • Additional internal hard drive
    External hard drive
    CD / DVD-ROM
    Magnetic tape media
    Storage in Local Network

Advantages of Local Storage: These types of storage are:

Very practical, and until recently it was the simplest option.
Psychologically, it seems safe to have your original as well as your backup in your physical possession.

Today, I would suggest to anyone who backs up their data using this option to consider it a partial solution at best. I use this option, I am copying data from my main computer to my laptop every day and also copying once a week to an external hard drive, but this is all just my SECONDARY backup solution.

Disadvantages of Local Storage: However, the system suffers from certain flaws.

  • All of these types of storage will not fully protect your data. Some very dangerous threats still exist:
    Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and more
    Man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks, war
    It is NOT a fully automatic backup. It depends on many human activities to make it complete and to keep it up to date.

Second (Better) Option – Online Storage, also called Remote Storage:

This is, in my opinion, the best solution; covers all disasters that could happen.

Advantages of Online Storage:

Automatic – Most systems require only a short setup, and will be fully automatic from then on.
Stay in a safe place – just like keeping your money in the bank, away from your home. It is best to keep your data in a safe place and not in your home or office, where it is likely to suffer from the same physical calamity that can happen to your main storage system.
Unlimited storage – Some systems will allow you to copy an unlimited amount of data, and this gives you peace of mind.

Disadvantages of Online Storage: The short answer is: None.

The longer answer could include the psychological issue that many people still feel that if their data is out there they are less secure than near it. The truth, believe me, is the exact opposite. This streak of mistrust in others will have to be overcome.

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