Disadvantages of AI Artificial Intelligence Robots in Security

We are enjoying the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in every part of life. It has reached a lot. It has many advantages and has proved in creating automated cars, personalized shopping, and more.  It has made our lives easier and faster. It is more accurate than humans in many tasks.

It has also other sides that cannot be ignored. Let us see some of the disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

High cost of creation of robots:

Building AI machines or computers is more complex and requires more money to complete AI projects. It is not going to stop after it has been created and there is a need for repair and maintenance which costs more than expected.

These AI-based software programs are needed to be upgraded regularly to meet the requirements of the changing environment. It all requires making systems smarter.  It requires plenty of resources and time to create successful AI Machines. In case of systems failures, it may consume more time to get recovered or solved.

No emotions in AI :

importance of AIThere is no doubt that machines can perform more efficiently than humans but they cannot replace humans. For team management, it cannot easily bond with a human and it does not have any emotions or moral values.

The chatbots are doing only initial conversations with the customers. Still, it requires human intervention to solve any issues related to customer queries.

No creativity:

The biggest disadvantage of AI is that it can only work for the programmed or given instruction. It will not think out of the box like humans and it might crash or will give unexpected output if it is out of scope.

Increase in Unemployment due to Robots:

Today the majority of repetitive tasks are replaced by AI with bots. The requirement of human employees is reducing and results in an increase in unemployment. The businesses are moving for AI as it is providing the output more accurately and quickly, the risk is also reduced. A chatbot is one of the examples which have given advantages to the organization but it is causing a problem of unemployment for humans.

According to the McKinsey study, it has suggested that AI will replace at least 30 percent of human labour by 2030.

Make Human Lazy:

The automation of the majority of boring and repetitive task with AI Programming makes the human lazy. The addiction of Humans to AI technologies can cause problems to future generations.

No ethics:

advantages of AIEthics and morality are the important features of the human being that is hard to incorporate into AI machines. Making a machine with ethics is not easy as making a machine do work quickly all repetitive tasks.

Every invention will have both advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, AI has also vast advantages in improving the lives of humans. Even it has disadvantages to talk about; we should consider the benefits of AI and its impacts on human life. It may replace the human jobs that lead to an increase in unemployment, but its overall benefits to humans are considerable.

Disadvantages of ai in security:

AI can be used by the hackers for their malicious activities AI can be used for surveillance AI can be used for the advertisement AI can be used for the phishing AI can be used for the cybercrime AI can be used for censorship AI can be used for the data collection.

There are lots of uses of AI that are not listed here. For example, AI is being used for self-driving cars. Do you think it is a safe car without having emotion and feeling it just drive car? AI is also one kind of programming language and hackers can hack very easily. AI always follow your instruction, listen to your voice and act as per detail is giving. Information giver maybe you or a hacker. It is not safe.


I have listed down some of the major disadvantages of AI. We cannot deny the fact that AI is improving our lives in many ways. But we should consider its impacts on human life before adopting it in our daily routine.

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