How do I learn web designing online?

For some years I was interested in digital animation. I tried some animation programs, some so complicated, others simple, like Maya 8.5 and others, I did not understand their functionality, but I managed to do some animation steps. But one-day Macromedia-Dreamweaver MX-4 came into my hands, do you remember?

And it changed the rhythm of my life. I was so passionate about its friendly design, and its functional ease, that once I had carried out the first touches, I did not stop practicing but I found a great goal: dynamic language.

I wanted to design my website. A site related to ecological issues or my city, Cartagena de Indias. And then, I designed my first website, called It was about ecology in my city. It had no major impact on cyberspace.

Well, first because I had no idea how to append it to Google; second, it was designed based on images with Fireworks, it could not be read by search engines; and lastly, it had no animation. Over time, I got discouraged, and my life moved on, I am a potential lawyer, actor, and writer. About a year ago, I got to know Dreamweaver Cs5 and its latest version: Dreamweaver Cs6.

I was fascinated by its friendly environment, its powerful applications, and its wonderful relationship with the world of predesigned web templates, but I found the great wall of Php and Mysql.

But the passion did not end there, an internal fire was ignited and I decided to seek help on; by the time of Macromedia there was nothing but long, boring written tutorials; and I think that deep down, no one was reading them. They were for me, like those contracts that one has to accept when downloading WordPress, or any other program or to enter a group of netizens: nobody reads them. But I found very interesting and excellent sites that I recommend for amateur web designers.

What is the Visual balance in web designYoutube taught me the basics, the intermediate, and the advanced web design. Youtube and other video sites became my source of resources to advance in this wonderful but difficult world of web development. Others like Udemy, and YouTube taught me to deepen the design through templates and Html5.

Thanks to them, I have reached where I am but the road still begins, and it gets steeper and steeper, but that curvature of knowledge has fueled my passion, which I am almost devoted, to web design. Thanks to my mentors and their valuable knowledge, they allowed me to develop the necessary techniques for the design of sites and portals from templates, Php and Mysql.

But not everything would end there. I got to know the wide world of CMS or Content Management Systems like WordPress and Joomla. That has allowed me to create, from scratch, on my PC or local folders, the most varied sites, from virtual stores to portals with listing pages, ready to be uploaded to the network.

But the fire of that passion that started a few years ago would not end there. As a mandatory step, I had to go through difficult paths to make my website have a life of its own within Cyberspace. It is no longer just having a dynamic website but giving it life with applications that other similar websites do not have.

bloggingAnd thanks to that passion, but much more to the patience and advice of my mentors, I came to master applications such as Geo-SEO Systems, Search Engine Optimization, Chat, Blogs with WordPress, and the spectacular world of Jquery. And from that moment I started my way to design my website. And my life took a new direction, it was not only having a website with a friendly interface and easy to download and that all my friends tell me on Facebook “Oh! What a nice page you have ”, I realized then that I had gotten into the middle of great competition for traffic, and I, without knowing it, was lagging.

I realized that Facebook is not a social network where I go to meet friends and chat until I waste my time, but rather a means to offer products, services, and the free dissemination of ideas. I noticed that Google is not just a search engine for words to do homework and school research but a means to create and win markets; and at that moment, I discerned that my portal web was not just any virtual site but my internet service company, my brand, immersed in the mighty river of great competition, which is cyberspace. I had realized that I had entered a great ocean of possibilities, of realities, and of new ways to earn a living and to give meaning to existence; without bosses, without schedules, with passion and effort but also with fears, doubts, and great competitors. As a web designer, I am taking advice, opinions, and guidance from my friend circle and online, If you follow this process then you would get successful.

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