How To Use Unique Articles To Promote Your Website

Article marketing has long been known to be an effective way to send more internet traffic to your website. There are effective ways to use and write articles and there are ineffective ways to write and use articles. I will teach you to do it effectively.

Here are some 7 tips for making it more effectively. As per Google guideline and so many expert SEO say Content is King. Article marketing is the best off page search engine optimization. Off page seo is the art and we need to use it more effectively.

1. Write an original article. The way the article gets people to your site is by ranking high on Google. This can only happen if your article is original. Do not copy and paste from an article that already exists on the Internet. That article has already been found and classified for that site. Take the time to sit down and write an article about a topic your site visitors want to learn about. If it is an interesting article people will want to know more and will visit your website.

article marketing2. Write 500 words or more. Google wants keywords and content. It is difficult for them to rank an article well if it is less than 500 words. There are not enough keywords and phrases. Make sure all your articles are 500 words or more.

3. Give them what they want to know. The goal of an article is to teach and make people want to know more about your website and service. If people feel that they are not being given enough information or that they are being misled they will not visit your website. If you give them what they want and entice them with some good information, they will want more and therefore visit your site.

4. Put a link to your site. Without a link your article is just free information. If you link to your site then Google will be able to find the site and give it a higher ranking. Use an html link.

5. Write a good bio. This is where you really have to sell your site. Make sure people know that you are the expert and that your site will help them the most. A good bio tells who you are and what makes up your site in two sentences or less. A good bio is the difference between an article that brings you traffic and one that doesn’t.

off page seo6. Write lots of articles. This is probably the most important part of article marketing. If you write just one article, you will have captured only one keyword phrase. For the insurance topic, for example, there are thousands of keyword phrases where each group can create an article. An example is the phrase term life insurance. This can make for a great headline.

Here are a few examples: Get term life insurance, how to find a term life insurance plan, etc. I would say that you won’t start to see the full potential of article marketing until you’ve written about 200 articles. That was the time when I was able to see huge amounts of traffic to my site.

7. Post the articles in the correct directory. Posting in the correct article directory will help you get the most out of each article. I recommend publishing on your blog or any good reputed article site like ezine article or blogger blog post or weebly, this is an excellent site because it receives a lot of search engine traffic. They allow to have html links in the bio, which will make it easier to go to your site.

These tips will help you if you can use all of them in each article. Good luck and may a lot of articles bring you a lot of traffic.

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