Organic Search is invincible: proved by social networks

Natural Search is invulnerable: Its demonstrated by interpersonal organizations

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn spent tons of your time in their initial years bringing users online on their platforms. The main target of their entire effort was to bring the users online, on their platform, and let people post the content on their platform. To a particular extent, they need to be successful also. If anyone calculates the number of concurrent users on the platform, and the number of pages browsed on the social network, the figure is sort of high!
Social networks have alright realized that they have to show the info to the search engines, to achieve success and be ready to take their product (i.e. social network) to subsequent levels.
Let me show you some samples of what I’m trying to mention.
I searched on Google, the favored program, for say ‘Schools in Delhi’, and I got the subsequent search results:


There is a link to the Facebook page of some good schools. Social networks have very rightly that the quantity of knowledge that’s on the social network, cannot beat the info which is out there on the remainder of the online (websites/blogs, etc.).
 To grow the social network to a subsequent level, they need to show the info which is posted on the social network and be available for the search engines to be crawled and show within the search results.
 Social networks have a transparent advantage when it involves the search leads showing the info, which isn’t available on the remainder of the online.
To explain the purpose three above, once I searched ‘St Joseph’s Academy’ on Google, it showed the LinkedIn link within the search results, as shown within the snapshot below.


Whereas, the opposite search results could also be ready to show the situation of the varsity, alongside the static data like contact details email id, and get in touch with number. However, LinkedIn is going to be ready to show extra details, just like the users who have done their schooling from the given school or the users who are working therein school. This is often where the social networks stand out, from the remainder of the search results.
In the end, I might say, the info is all that matters. Albeit social networks need to expose their data to the search engines when it involves the quantity of knowledge that social network holds, the social network still is a clear winner within the search results, capable of showing far more unique information as compared to the opposite search results.
Hope you enjoyed reading the article.

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