What are Google SEO Ranking Trends 2021?

As the trends in web design activities evolve, every year brings new challenges on implementing the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. Google and other search engines are constantly redefining their ranking factors to offer high-quality websites for their users. The year 2021 is no exception. Read more details about some of the key Google ranking factors for 2021.


 Undoubtedly, the subject matter of Google’s ranking factors forms a paramount of success to SEO companies. Whenever a user uses the search engines like Google, they have to find the right and appropriate website from the six trillion indexed website pages.

The factors that assist Google in choosing accurate results over the others are Google’s ranking factors. With the absence of such factors, Google, the search engine, may not meet the users’ expectations.

Google has a clear intention to serve its users in the best possible manner to retain its clients every time they search for things they want.

Here are those ranking factors which are shared not according to any order of importance.

 High quality and relevant content:

Google always gives special attention to quality content. According to its narrative, the contents should be original, unique, fresh, updated, proper length, etc. With these ingredients, Google will surely rank it higher in the SERPs.

 Site authority and structure:

 One needs to establish an authority in reaching Google and the audience. Publishing nice author bios are the right way to enhance the rating factor. In addition, your site should have an organized structure enabling the users to have a unique user experience.

Mobile Friendliness:

In 2021, no one will be excused if your website is not mobile-friendly. The ‘mobile-first index’ from Google compels every site to be mobile compatible, and this version is more important than the good old desktop version.

This feature is one of the prime factors Google expects from your site as mobile users are exponentially growing globally.

High-quality links:

 Besides the above-referred factors, Google has its way of evaluating your website’s authority through high-quality links provided on your website. Hence, to achieve a higher ranking factor from Google, you need to have a well-thought-out link-building plan in place.  

Site Speed:

Users of Google in 2021 are more impatient than in the past. Hence it is mandatory-you need to optimize your site as fast as possible. Since speed is the essence in any business, Google uses this factor for your place to stay above your competitors.


That being about Google SEO factors 2021, now it is time for the SEO companies to use search algorithms that determine the ranking factors so that Google can deliver top quality websites and thereby get high traffic and increased advertising revenue.

Since Google always keeps a secret in revealing its ranking factors or weight to commercial websites, it drives the SEO firms to speculative. To meet such challenges, one has to update and acquire the proper knowledge in knowing these factors, so has to increase the vicinity on the web world.

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