What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Do You Need It?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most effective strategy to boost website traffic, get more consumers, expand your market share, and enhance revenues – all without having to pay for each visit.

We assist you in doing this by using SEO to optimise your website for organic Google searches.

What is the significance of SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is critical because your company’s survival depends on it!

Understanding human psychology and your customer’s purchase process is crucial in modern SEO. You can then use Google’s’matchmaker’ position to assist clients in finding appropriate vendors/merchants. SEO aids in persuading Google that you are the greatest option for anyone looking to research, assess, and compare products and services using a search engine.

Who needs search engine seo?

In a nutshell, everyone.

Search Engine Optimization is necessary for all organisations. If you’re selling something, you’ll need SEO. Local businesses, pure internet merchants, and those selling through a combination of offline and online outlets are all included.

Your ranking in Google for relevant search terms and keywords will determine how quickly your business grows. If you disregard SEO, the competitor will grow stronger and eat into your market share. Your company’s growth slows and stagnates when new clients can’t locate you.

How much does SEO set you back?

Search Engine Optimization is difficult to quantify.

The price of SEO is determined by a number of factors.

Your clientele, your KPIs, goals, and reasons, your market share, conversion rate, and profit margin are all factors to consider.

Does it actually cost money – or do you make money – if search engine optimization maximises it and makes you earn more than you spend?

SEO that is well-planned, well-executed, and thoughtfully guided pays off handsomely.

Why should you work with us as your SEO partner?

We differ from many other SEO consulting firms in that we place a premium on getting money into our clients’ accounts.

  • Your SEO expert goes into the details, conducting extensive research and analysis.
    Your SEO expert prioritizes our clients’ needs, directing them toward profitable activity.
    Your SEO expert lay the groundwork for steady and dependable growth that you can rely on.
    Your SEO expert fortifies your anti-competition defences.

We employ a systematic SEO strategy that has resulted in billions of NOK in revenue for our clients (some of which make over 1 billion NOK simply from organic Google searches and SEO!)

How does your SEO expert go about working with SEO?

Our Search Engine Optimization approach comprises a strategic sequence that will raise your company’s online visibility, increase conversions, and increase profitability.

We believe that SEO should be integrated into your company and based on data and analytics rather than guesswork. We assist our SEO clients in achieving their goals.

  • set appropriate objectives
    evaluate the risks and benefits
    evaluate the competition and determine the potential benefits
    select the appropriate technology
    determine the structure of the content
    create user-friendly websites that provide a positive consumer experience

Your SEO expert continues to test, assess, and iterate to ensure that your results improve over time. We keep an eye on things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will notify you if anything goes wrong.

Which SEO tools do your SEO expert employ?

Our Search Engine Optimization is tailored to the client’s requirements. Using tools and systems like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, we combine SEO statistics with general business data.

Our team uses tools like SEMrush, SEOmonitor, Deepcrawl, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Google Lighthouse, Google Search Console, Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, and others to achieve operational goals and KPIs.

What is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis?

The Search Engine Optimization Analysis is a comprehensive and in-depth examination of all of the factors that Google considers when evaluating your company’s online presence. Technical SEO evaluation, content analysis, market research, and content gap analysis are all included.

I first get down with consumers to better connect with them, uncover concerns they want fixing, and swiftly create trust.

  • I’m researching your company.
    I consider the distinctive features.
    I assess the market and clients, examine the competition, and seek for solutions to improve your KPIs and company objectives.

However, a low-cost SEO analysis is rarely the best solution!

Some merchants provide relatively limited reports with no essential data, such as sales methods for approaching new clients. They end up making plans with such shoddy analysis that they generate issues.

Only a thorough SEO study will boost your revenue and profitability. You’ll quickly discover that paying a slightly greater money for a thorough and qualitative examination is far better for you.

What kinds of SEO packages do your SEO expert provide?

Your expert has a variety of contracts to choose from to fit the needs of different clients. Normally, we collaborate with monthly advances with fixed monthly fees, or advisory work such as projects with a fixed rate or by the hour

You’ll always get the greatest bargain, with all of your requirements met and prices kept under control. Our contract’s budget might be adjusted and limited. There will be no surprises or hidden expenses.
Do we adhere to Google’s SEO standards and best practises?


This is critical for you and our other customers because:

You can be penalised by link structures. These types of ideas are still being sold by many companies and SEO professionals because they work. Doping, on the other hand, works… until you’re caught! Google will have a better understanding of your website, allowing it to navigate more smoothly and accurately assess it.

Your expert SEO services are based on the current state of Google, not the past. Your expert doesn’t just optimise your website; we go above and above to ensure that we employ the “most commonly used locally” keywords and that your site is Google’s “top pick for individuals who search.

What distinguishes SEO services?

Because a “generic” approach no longer works, we don’t mindlessly follow lists or templates.
Your SEO expert provides training and information transfer so that your internal staff can take charge of the situation. Which is a significant aspect of our clients’ success stories.
We identify your sector’s shortcomings, opportunities, strengths, and threats, as well as solutions to the problems, so you can reach your maximum potential.
Finally, Your SEO expert develops control processes and provides you with practical and prioritized goal and KPI guidance on a regular basis. You can add them to your to-do list and take care of them right away.

Your SEO expert the goal is to make a difference, not just provide you with something to do. Actions are sometimes misconstrued with progress. Your SEO expert assists you to break the cycle of ineffective tasks by prioritising actions based on their effectiveness.

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