What is the Visual Balance in Web Design?

In Web design, balance is essential, the appearance must be attractive and pleasant for the user, it must respect the brand image, it must be practical and agile when it comes to finding the information that is sought, facilitating the sale of your product, it must be friendly and prepared for search engines, a very spectacular page is useless but that nobody sees, its internal structure has to facilitate future changes that it requires as much as possible and of course all this it must be combined so that the cost is compensated with the results.

Maintaining the balance of these factors is not easy, the reason is that taking one of them to the maximum can be detrimental to another:

There are mainly 2 types of balances called as Asymmetrical balance in web design and Symmetrical balance in web design.

Asymmetrical balance in web design:

Asymmetrical balance happens when you have distinctive visual pictures on one or the other side of a plan, but the picture actually appears to be balanced. To be viewed as asymmetrical, a plan needs to have an inconsistent visual load on one or the other side, yet those inconsistent visuals need to balance one another.

A design that abuses Flash presentations with a lot of movement can satisfy the pride of the designer and can look spectacular in a presentation, but totally useless in achieving its purpose.

There are two big mistakes, firstly, these presentations take time to load, and there are countless times that the user leaves the page before reaching the content, the user does not have the patience to wait, if he wants movement, he goes to the cinema, the user does so. You want to get the information you are looking for as soon as possible; secondly, these presentations are invisible to search engines, the only thing the search engine will appreciate is a slow-loading page and that is never positive.

Symmetrical balance web design:

What is the Visual balance in web designSymmetrical balance is characterized by setting components similarly on one or the other side of an even or vertical focal hub. As such, the two sides of a nonexistent plunging line across the center of the page are basically perfect representations of one another.

Another factor that must be taken into account is that of search engine positioning, no one can promise a specific positioning or a time to do it, Web positioning requires a lot of work and some patients, aggressive and unnatural positioning can lead to a fast but misleading positioning with a great risk of penalty and by appearing fast in searches we can condemn the page to be in the dark for a long time.

There are many companies that offer the purchase of links, the clicks on the buttons of social networks, and an infinity of services of dubious ethics, something that the owners of search engines pursue and that the good webmaster has to denounce.

The first tip is that before starting the design of a Web page it is important to be clear about what the domain name is going to be and to register it as soon as possible, the age of the domain is a factor that influences the positioning. It is convenient that, as far as possible, said domain name is short, easily readable, or memorable and that it contains a keyword so that said name already gives an idea of ​​the theme of the web and therefore is positive in positioning.

Likewise, all the necessary documentation must be compiled, including texts, images, etc … For good Web positioning, the content must be of quality and that it provides valuable information to the user, without excess text, and clear and concise.

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