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Universal Studios is the largest theme park in Florida and one of the most visited globally. Learn how to get the best deals on tickets to Universal Studios Orlando.


Universal Studios Orlando is one of Florida’s largest theme parks, with over 20 million annual visitors. It is also one of the most frequented places in the world. Therefore, it should be no surprise that purchasing tickets are an attractive investment.

However, as an adult who has never gone to Universal Studios, I cannot speak from personal experience regarding what people genuinely want from Universal Studios and how best to give it. This page is meant to assist anyone who has never visited and wishes to understand how to make their trip more pleasurable and trouble-free.

As someone who has worked in the industry for a long time, I hope that this piece will be helpful to those of you who are new to the industry or simply want to gain a better understanding of what you require from your customer service team so that they can fulfill their promise of assisting you in having a better time at Universal Studios Orlando.

And as someone who has worked at Universal Studios (since 2008) and witnessed firsthand how much effort goes into ensuring that our customers have a consistently great experience when they visit our park, I hope you find this article helpful!

Getting the Tickets:

travel tips universal studios OrlandoUniversal Studios Orlando is Florida’s largest theme park and one of the world’s most popular. It’s also one of the priciest options.

“What kind of experience do I have in mind?” is one of the first and most significant questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a ticket.

“This means that while you’re looking for a place to visit, think about what kind of entertainment you’d like to partake in.

Do you simply want to see a movie?

Do you wish to take a nature trail walk?

Do you think going to one of those dinosaur-themed attractions would be entertaining?

These are all distinct kinds of experiences, but they all have one thing in common: they all entail staring at something that isn’t there (or isn’t visible) and moving around (and occasionally over) something.

A few years ago, I spent some time at Universal Studios Orlando (the park is divided into two parts: one for visitors and one for visitors with kids). The first thing I noticed was how little information there is about the rides themselves. You can find out what “experience” each ride has by looking at the “virtual ride card,” – but this doesn’t tell you anything about how long it will take or how much fun it will be. And even if it did tell you this, it doesn’t mean you which kind of experience it will give: people can have very different experiences depending on their age, mood, physical ability, etc.

If your goal is simply getting in and driving around for a few hours, then getting a ticket might be enough; if your aim is more than seeing an attraction or taking pictures, then perhaps renting area passes or buying them as individual tickets may help make your trip more enjoyable.

But if your goal is something else – i.e., exploring an area or visiting a nature trail – then going on rides like The Walking Dead probably won’t cut it, but maybe going on those attractions instead would work better (though many people don’t like Walking Dead rides).

You should also think about whether Universal Studios Orlando offers any group discounts; if so, that would be worth looking into (especially if there are discounts available for groups with children under 13).

Planning Your Trip:

Numerous individuals regularly visit the Universal Studios Orlando park and those who do have much to contribute. The park, comparable in area to most major U.S. cities, may be divided into four entire sections.

  •  Admission tickets
  •  Parking
  •  Theme-park rides
  •  Food and beverage options

For information on guests’ parking options, please click here. We have also created this page to keep track of all these sections as we travel through our trip. This is a forum for us to offer tips for those planning their trip to Universal Studios Orlando. We hope that you find it interesting and valuable.

Discounts and Deals on Tickets:

There are a lot of promotional activities going on at Universal Studios Orlando that you may not have heard of because they are pretty widely overshadowed by the plethora of other things going on there. Here are some tips to help you get the best bang for your buck.

1. Kiosks Outside Ticketing:

A fun thing to do while waiting in line is to go outside the park and buy a ticket at a kiosk with an automated ticket machine. This way, you can use your debit or credit card and get a credit back (or refund) if the trip is canceled due to inclement weather, etc., without dealing with the headaches of traveling with cash or with an ATM.

The kiosks will print out your tickets and give them to you after they’re scanned at the gate (I don’t know about all people who have this setup, but I am one). It also means that you can treat yourself (read: get free food!) inside the park!

2. Discounted Tickets for Military & Their Families:

travel tips universal studios OrlandoWhile most people think of Universal Studios as kids’ theme parks, there is another part of their operations that some people might not know — their military family discount coupons. Kids aged 9 and under are admitted free with a valid military ID, and children aged 10-17 who present a valid military ID will get in for 75% off regular admission prices ($31.99 vs. $59.99).

Suppose you want to take advantage of this option. In that case, you can go here, listing discounts on Orlando attractions such as Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park, SeaWorld Aquariums, LEGOLAND Florida, Epcot Theme Parks, and more!

3. Discounted Tickets for Military Members’ Guests:

If you’re lucky enough to be able to be stationed near Orlando in any capacity or still have friends or family members stationed there, here’s another opportunity for those who want discounted tickets — members of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed near Orlando need only present their service ID upon check-in at the Guest Services desk at Universal Studios Florida’s Convention Hall! (Weirdly enough, unless it’s an active duty base, service members from other branches aren’t allowed into these areas.) 

4. Discounted Tickets For Veterans:

If all else fails, then getting your service ID might work too! These tickets are only available through Military Base Tours.

More about Universal Studio Orlando Florida:


Universal Studios, Orlando is the biggest tourist attraction in the world. Most people who come here do it once because they enjoy the experience on their first visit.

But if you have been to Universal Studios in person, or maybe on TV, you know that there’s much more to it than just rides and shows. The parks are really places to see and be seen: they’re not just a place for rides.


There is so much more behind the scenes that most visitors never see: making the place work is an exciting job, but it takes a lot of time and a lot of people. If you find yourself at Universal Studios without a camera, don’t worry—you can still have some fun. Here’s our guide on how to get some great photos of yourself at Universal Studios Orlando:

Universal Studios first launched its PhotoPass service in 1983 under Ride Man (hence RideMan). PhotoPass was introduced as part of their extensive “no-rush admission” package in 1987 (the earliest examples available online date from 1987) and was fully integrated into their ticketing system by 1989 (at which point they started charging for photo passes).


The company introduced digital photo albums on-demand in 1989, and mobile photo storage and social media sites like Flickr/Facebook/Twitter began appearing in their ticketing systems within the next year or two (iPad apps were introduced in 2003). In 1999, expansion into Europe followed suit with their first foray into Europe at Disneyland Paris (the first non-Disney property).

Universal Studio Theme Park Expansion:


The company has since expanded into Asia, too, with locations such as Tokyo Disneyland Resort and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort opening earlier this year; Australia with Sydney Entertainment Centre; Singapore, Jakarta, and Manila; South Korea with Seoul Tower Hotel.

Indonesia with Jakarta International Convention Center; Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Expo Centre; Dubai World Trade Center; Paris Porte de Versailles Airport & Paris Le Bourget Airport; Dubai World Trade Centre London Heathrow Airport & London City Airport Dubai Airports & Dubai International Airport & Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 Dubai Airports & Dubai International Airport Terminal 1.

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